Friday, March 25, 2011

Phil Ivey Poker Training

I hope the rumors are true about Phil Ivey starting his own poker training site. Phil Ivey Poker Training would crush the competition due to him being the undisputed #1 player in the entire world. He would be able to recruit all his friends which would be the best training lineup that any site could ever put together.

According to Phil Ivey's site and some of his latest tweets it could become a reality sooner rather than later. I am assuming Phil Ivey Poker Training won't happen over night but good things come to those that wait. I am sure all my readers would love to learn from Phil so let's hold our collective breath until this becomes a reality!

I should state that I am the one spreading the rumors at this point but it seems very likely that FTP and Phil Ivey would want to make this happen. It could mean Cardrunners is on the way out? You heard it here first!

Friday, March 11, 2011

PocketFives Training

The community that brought online tournament poker player rankings pocketfives is now starting PocketFives Training.

I am connected with the management team behind P5s and I am involved in the poker training game so I say the following with great authority:

This is a huge game changer for the PocketFives community and the training arean in general.

P5's Training is taking over the hugely successful PokerPwnage brand and will put their own upgrades on the site, such as better community functions, better search functionality, and the most important part new pros. PocketFives has access to a ton of top pros and making good content to keep players coming back will be easy.

The new training site will still not go head to head with the likes of Cardrunners but it will solidify their position at the top of the MTT poker training market by a VERY large margin going forward. I am looking forward to seeing the integration fully implemented and doing a thorough review for Poker Training Guide. I just hope they managed to sign Isuldur to a poker training contract!

Monday, December 06, 2010

On Demand Tournaments

Full Tilt on demand tournaments just came out and although it's not going to be as huge as Rush poker it shows how FTP is willing to innovate on not allowing players to wait to play their favourite SNG's.

Full Tilt On Demand Tournaments give SNG players the ability to register late for SNG poker tournaments up to the specified time frame. Usually 3 levels. This will lead to bigger prize pools so I think its a great way to add value to SNG players.

I just also noticed that their are Rush Poker on Demand tournaments in the lobby. These will truly be the poker players drug of choice. Instant rush SNG's with out having to wait for the Tournament to fill up and not have to wait for hands to appear. Instant 24/7 on demand crack! Full Tilt Poker is starting to dominate the innovation game. Other poker sites should keep an eye on what they are brewing up!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a Rush!

Full Tilt Rush poker is a game changing version of online poker! Full Tilt launched it last night and wow was it fun. It basically acts as a multi-table experience but you only play one table.

You play 300 hands per hour by switching tables every time you fold a hand. The only caveat is that you play against a random set of opponents that you have no reads on or time to even look at a HUD to make a decision.

The good thing is you can play as tight as you want and no one will notice. I used the opportunity to 3 bet a lot as no one can really pick up on it because you don't even have time to make notes.

The games are juicy so jump on in before its a complete nit fest and a bunch of short stacks. I was able to play 3 tables at a time so in theory get in about 900 hands per hour. I was not able to type on MSN or even look away from the tables while I played. What I love about this is I can jump into cash games and play some meaningful hands in the 20 odd mins I have free in a night.

Full Tilt Rush poker was a good enough experience to get me out of retirement for a while!

Let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just wanted to make a fresh post on this blog to keep away the cobwebs.

Not too much new is going on in the poker world for me. I have started to fit in some SNGs into my schedule when I have time to play in between taking care of my baby, working full time, part time website work (PokerTrainingGuide + many others) and sleeping/eating. Life has been very busy but in a good way.

I have been getting the itch to play super turbo SNGs, they are like crack and I love the quick rush. I have been crushing the busto stakes which feels kinda funny. My hourly rate is terrible even when I crush but I guess I enjoy playing them for the love of the game. It's not really about the money anymore when I fire up some tables.

For my 10 readers out there if anyone has a neglected poker blog please let me know as I need to build some links to sites I own. I can buy them off you for a fair price. Or if you would like to help me out I can tell you a link to put on your blogroll.

I will try to play more poker so I have something to write about but it probably won't be anytime soon. Maybe I should just start posting on the business of poker as it's a lot more interesting than playing these days.

Friday, July 31, 2009

200th Post

It's been since February since I last posted and this is mainly due to me not playing poker anymore. So I thought I would use my 200th post to update and let everyone know that my wife and I just had a healthy baby girl!! I figured I may as well save a milestone post for good news versus a bad beat of some sort or another.

On the poker front I have mainly just been working on the website business end of things. I have a couple of new exciting projects that will be coming online over the next couple months. It's amazing how long it takes to get a new website idea that hasn't been done before to launch. I know with Poker Training Guide that it took 2-3 months to get 90% of the content finished. I am in month 2 right now and the expected complete date is Sept.1 before we can even test and get the kinks out.

In closing, I know it's late but congrats to Actyper for making a nice score at the WSOP main event. Drinks on him if we ever meet!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank God for Rakeback

Where do I start? I had my ass handed to me in January at the poker tables and in life. At the poker tables I experienced my worst downswing in over four years of playing poker. In life it was one random bad luck thing happening after another. We had a pipe burst since it was so damn cold over a stretch of a few days that a pipe froze and burst by the time we warmed it back up. lol plumberbillaments.

I am just getting back into poker since I just received my last rakeback payment which made up for some of my losses at the table. I really can't say enough about playing with rakeback, it definitely makes up for your downswings when you add rakeback + bonuses together at the end of the month. is still going strong, we are in need of updating some of the reviews so that we stay current but that shouldn't be an issue over the coming months. We are also going to add a free poker training promotion that includes more poker training sites other than Cardrunners through Full Tilt poker that we currently offer. So check back soon!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

F 2009

I will post my goals when I am less tilted. I am starting off 2009 just as I did 2008 with a huge downswong. I just need one hand to hold up to get my confidence back but it has yet to happen. I am down 10 BI's and this is officially the biggest BI downswing I have taken. I'm on pace to wipe out Decembers gains very quickly if I do not turn this around quick. I think I am going to drop down to regain some of my confidence and bankroll. Of the 10 BI's I am down my EV should only make me 4 BIs down...variance is a bitch. The big dive near the end is getting AA 2 of 3 hands at the same table and getting crushed by a Flush Draw then a set.

EDIT: my tracker is missing another $100 make that 7/12 BIs below expectation. weeeeeee

Thursday, January 01, 2009

NYE Live Poker

Now that I am married New Years Eve has definitely lost its luster to go to the bars, fight the crowds and pay a ridiculous amount on a normally just "ok" time out at the bar. So this year my wife and I decided to order Chinese food in and head to the local casino with her parents. I immediately put my name on the list for 1/2 NL and it took about an hour for my name to get called which was good considering how busy it seemed.

I was at a fresh table that just formed out of the waiting list and it was filled with mostly older people and me and a crazy asian were the only two younger player which I always like. The guy on my left was talking startegy to his buddy and it was pretty lol at some points. I think he mentioned twice folding mid pocket pairs to a single raise preflop after limping because 77 doesn't connect with many flops (I think he limped for $2 and folded for $10 more with 4 callers). As always at live tables there are a lot of raised multiway pots. I knew I had a great table when the third hand in went (3 players in the action) limp, raise, reraise, call, reraise AI, Call, Call. I love that the limper was willing to get it all in and the original reraiser hit his set of aces and the other 2 mucked, one of them being the crazy asian, I wish I could of seen there cards.

To the hands I played:

A7s - Limped in and saw a flop of 8s7x4s...I bet flop and got 2 callers, 2x turn, bet and only one caller and Ax River and I bet and didn't get called by the guys FD. I wish we hit the flush as I would of taken his stack for sure.

ATs - I raised in MP got a couple callers and a flop of Td8d2d and I bet out getting one caller, Ad on the turn putting 4 diamonds out on the board and I get lead into for $20 ($40ish pot) and I call. I was really worried obviously about losing to a diamond but I wanted to stack him if I happened to hit my boat. I think my call is wrong but not too worried about it at this table. River is a blank and he checks to me and I tank for a bit not having the balls in the end to fire and represent a high Diamond thinking he has a medium diamond like the J/T that he would snap me off with and we end up splitting the pot.

J8s - OTB - 4 Limpers by the time it gets to me and I pop it to $12 and get 3 callers. The all insta check the 7 3 4 rainbow flop to me so I fire $25 and they all fold. The guy next to me asks if I had JJ+ so I showed him just to mess with his mind which did work.

JTs - LP - EP raise by the crazy asian with 2 callers by the time it gets to me so I call in position and its 5 to the flop. Flop is JsJx9s with a potential flush and straight draw. BB Checks, Crazy Asian bets $25, fold, call, and I jack it to $117 total AI. I was scared of the call, I knew the only hand that could call the CB of the Crazy Asian on that board was a Draw of some sort and I didn't want to risk playing it fancy and seeing a terrible turn. I knew the Crazy asian who was into his 3rd bullet could make the call with his OP if he had one which I think he did. He tanked for a long time before folding and the caller folded even though he only had $40 behind or so. If the caller isn't there I think I stack the Crazy Asian by making a smaller bet and milking him in but I was happy to take the large pot without a showdown in the end.

J9s - MP - Limped in - Made a terrible call down after checking a J52 flop and it getting check around to see another 5 and a $10 bet from the button. I called the turn bet and then called his river value bet for $20 and he flipped A5. I thought he tried to steal on the turn when it got checked to him twice since he was on the button so I don't mind my call on the turn but I should of folded the river because I don't beat much. Next time I will fire the flop and see how it goes from there.

I only got to play for 1:15 so I was happy with my results of +$109. The game was 1/2 NL with a $100 max buy in and $100 CAP on betting. If I raised $100 and got reraised to $200 I could still reraise to $300 but the game would have to be very deep since the BI is only $100. It was a weird set up.

Happy New Year! I'll be back with a post on my 2009 Goals shortly.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 Year in Review

2008 Goals - Lets see how many I fulfilled?

1. Take more notes + PT + PAHUD = pass. I have recently bought Holdem Manager and have been taking better notes all year when I was playing.

2. Increase number of hands played = pass. The months that I played I played quite a few hands. This last 1.5 months has been great and I really think going to SH tables will make it easier in the New Year to continue the trend.

3. Move up to NL200 = fail. I always fail these types of goals because I end up taking too much time off or withdrawing for personal reasons.

4. Take time off = pass. I think I might of taken this to the extreme but I took off from May to September again this past year for the second year in a row. I think I will just make poker a 6 month sport that is played only in the winter. I had reasons to take the time off and they were very profitable reasons. I started a website. Poker Training Guide. I enjoyed summer and worked hard at my real job and started a huge networking group for young professionals in my area that now meets monthly.

3/4 is great and I look forward to setting some unique goals for 2009 that will include everything from work, poker, websites, and beyond. Balance is definitely the key to a long successful poker career as well as life in general.

Once again, Happy Holidays!