Wednesday, November 30, 2005

HU Match

Well I played my first HU match with a blogger last night, Jordan was my target. He was the one that originally got me into this blogging project. I originally played a 10 person SNG with Jordan and Gary beating both of them. I managed to out them as bloggers and they inspired me to do this. It was a fun SNG, so fun that I almost died in fact. My apartment had a fire alarm go off when I was heads up with Gary. I luckily decided not to leave my apartment and I took it down. After I challenged Jordan to a heads up match so here we are today.

He was distracted by his 20 person SNG but agreed to play me nonetheless. I hit a few hands early and he bluffed into me at the wrong times and the match ended in around 4 minutes flat. So if there is any other bloggers that want to go heads up or play a SNG together I would like to play you and get to know the community better so hit me up on my yahoo messenger @ gocanada_go.

My trek to qualify for the Titan freeroll went well last night, I only need 250 more stars tonight to qualify for the tourny. I also made $85 at the tables last night for my efforts. The money mostly came from hitting hands against short stacks and playing it like I was bullying them and having them call down my top 2 or set with A8o, cause they thought my $20 bet was a bluff, but hey they did have top pair!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Not much poker

I haven't been playing much over the last few days. This past weekend I ended up drinking every night so that meant no poker for me. Well I did play a few hands after the bar and I think I lost $30, I was in no condition to play. Im still trying to qualify for the PSO Titan Freeroll, I have to play about 200 hands of NL100 in order to qualify by tomorrow night. Only 38 have registered so far and it pays the top 25, I hope to see all you guys and girls there. Well, i'm off to grind out some raked hands.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

All about me

I promised a post about how I started playing poker about a week ago, so here goes nothing. It pretty much started with the saying “all you need is a chip and a chair” or in my case an internet connection and a credit card. I am going to call this day, November 23rd, my one year poker anniversary. The main reason I started playing was the fall out from the NHL lockout, I found myself living on my own and no hockey to watch on TV.

I’ll start with a little background on myself; I graduated university in 2003 with a degree in finance and economics. I never played poker in university as I was a varsity hockey player and worked part time to pay for school. I think I owe hockey for my competitive nature at the tables, I hate to lose. When I graduated I started working for a bank as a mortgage officer for about a year and a half before getting out and taking an outside sales job with a fortune 500 company. I have since got my real estate license and now work for CB Richard Ellis doing commercial real estate. Insert Plug Here: Anyone needing to buy/sell a building or land let me know!! :)

I’m not the type of person who just jumps into a game without reading as much as I can on it first. I stumbled across a site willing to give me $50 if I deposited $50 and play one hand on it. I did this for a couple of the sites he offered and now had my bankroll up to $150 with only minimal risk. This was when I found Poker Source Online. My first promo with them was the Gaming Club when they had the PSO points plus the $20/100 hands; I managed to make about $100 more there and then at Pacific. I was pretty much a break even player for the first 6 months or so, relying on the PSO points/Party GC’s and bonuses to grow my roll slowly.

For my first 9 months I played strictly $25 NL tables. This was where I felt comfortable, and I played a lot of hands at this limit to learn the game, and practice what I read. I told myself that I would never move up limits, I mean NEVER move up limits, it didn’t matter what size bankroll I had. At one point my bankroll was around $1800 and I was still grinding away at the $25 tables. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that are the complete opposite of me, they want to chase the higher pots and big wins when there bankroll doesn’t allow it. I’m also sure it does work for a small percentage, but most bust out. I was surgical about my poker and I was not going to lose money, I even hated losing $50 in a week. My style allowed me to never have any 100+BB downswings, I’ve always read about them but they never got that big for me.

I finally broke my rule when I needed to play $50 NL tables to clear a PSO bonus quicker, I didn’t feel comfortable at all and ended up breaking even after about 1000 hands. I considered it a success but still went down to my $25’s. I then did another PSO bonus and felt more comfortable at the $50 tables, and booked a nice profit. I was now mixing in $25 and $50 tables; I only played the $50s when I felt completely on my game. The $50s lasted about a month, when I stated playing at Full Tilt in September. I was playing NL100 tables there and mixed in the $50s. Wow was I ever scared when I won my first 200+ pot. It was quite the rush. Remember I said I would never move up!! I am now exclusively playing the NL100 on Titan and I’m beating them really well. I do admit I am addicted to poker but as long as I stay with in my bankroll I think ill be just fine. I have had my best month ever this month and I chalk it up to the higher buy in games and my SNG success at Titan.

I have now successfully played on around 15 sites between PSO and other sites I have chased bonuses on. I have since cashed out my original $50 investment, and have pulled out an additional $700 for golf clubs and a digital camera. My career earnings are just over $3100, which is a nice nest egg for some future purchase and my trip to Vegas.

The advice that I can give people with a small bankroll is to invest in a few books and play seriously every chance you get. What I mean by this is to challenge your self to grind out small profits, they all add up. And please don’t move up limits until you are absolutely crushing the tables, it will happen eventually just stick with it.

Wow that was long, thanks for playing along!
Any questions, just post them in the comments and I will answer everyone of them.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another SNG

Im right in the middle of a Maui SNG, 19 mins in to be exact. I have folded for the first 19 mins, and then I am looking down at AA UTG. I figured if I raised alarm bells would go off so I decide to try my luck with limping, if this was ring I would never put my stack on the line like this but for $5 bucks it was worth a try. I get called by both player on my right, i'm now thinking this wi gonna back fire until MP min raises me to open up the betting.

Since blinds are 20/40 his bet was 80, LP decides to raise it up to 280, it fold to me an dI make it 680 to go, limpers fold to MP (min raiser) who decides to call and reraiser in LP calls All in and has both of us covered. I insta call, then MP calls and flips over QJs. I havent seen such a donkey move in a while, this type of play reminds me why I play poker. LP flips over KK and my aces hold up and I triple up. I don't know how much more obvious I can be, a limp reraise, then I call all in adn the donk still calls with QJ. I cant really blame the KK here, im sure I would of thought I was ahead.

This is just a reminder to all you who see this play, the player normally holdes aces or kings in this situation, so be afraid of the limp reraise.

Im know 30 minutes in, were down to 5 players, and thats the only hand i've played, I wonder if they will catch on??

Hands in order from 30 minutes in:

Just stole blind in LP with AQo...blinds are 50/100
Next hand A10 MP...stole blinds again by raising 4x
Follded 84s
K9o BB...folded to all in
called 4x raise with 88 hit set with flush draw on board
checked it...LP bet 300, raised all in to protect, and he folded
105o fold
10Js raised 4x stole blinds
43s Folded
j3 BB folded to allin plus a call
a2o SB raise 3x..stole blind
k8s folded to all in
q9s folded...4 left blinds 100/200
AJ bb...SB completeed i raised 4x BB he folded
SB 73 o...foled to all in
k2s folded on the button
a10o...folded UTG... BB is 2nd in chips, im the leader
J4s in BB folded around to me
a2o in SB called all in from small stack...BB called as well...lost to was cheap
made a stupid play with a2 on a steal, continuation bet was reraised..i folded
KQ bb Q on flop i bet they folded
only updating certain hands now
final 3
stole with a3o
reraised with 22...folded
2 left...took out small stack with a7 vs QJ
I made a mistake when the board had 3 9s on it, and called with A high, He bet 800 into a 2400 pot with the top boat, opps, it cripled me and then I went out 2nd with 89s vs q2, he hit a str8.

Ohh well that was fun. Sorry about the terrible play by play but it helped me make less donkey moves than normal.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Well after a long weekend break of partying and other crap, I finally played some poker tonight. I only played one SNG after work at titan, I played it with Odieone. It was very slow going for the longest time, I was card dead for the first 4 levels. I pretty much was blinded down to about 700ish when I tried to make a move on a preflop min raiser. I held A10o in the BB when the Blinds were 20/40. EP raised it to 80 and I called the raise. With a flop of Q56 rainbow I threw a bet of 100 into the 180 pot. Since I was out of position I was worried by the EP call of my bet. I figured it would be a easy lay down if he reraised me, but with a possible straight draw on board I chalked his call up to a draw or overcards. The turn was another rag and I threw a 180 bet into 380 pot, which was once again called, he had me covered and after that bet I was down to around 350ish. I was now really worried I was beat, so I knew the only hand I could beat was a draw or the over cards I had a decision to make on the river. The river was another rag which could of completed a straight draw but since I was representing top pair the only way to win the hand was with a bet on the river. I choose to bet 220, leaving me with practically nothing left but I was hoping that made me look stronger then going all in in that situation. After the clock ticked down he finally mucked his hand getting me back up to 1200ish. After the hand I discussed it with odieone and the only possible hand he could of played that was a pocket pair of 8s or 9s. So by me representing top pair he laid the winning hand down. I think Odieone went out in 6th and I proceeded to knock 3 of the next 5 players out on route to the win. It felt like I played very solid poker and it was refreshing after my last performance.

I still love Titan's SNG's, There almost like my Visa card, anytime im down I can always count on it to get me through the tough times!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

lesson of the day

Not too much to report from the poker front. I had a bad day yesterday and managed to lose $65 on bad plays. My normal style is to play tight and not bluff unless the right circumstance arises. I was making play's for pots that I had no right to be in. I was correct with what my villian's had but I wasn't able to move them off there top pair hands and they would just call me down. Lesson learnt (meaning don't bluff calling stations) A10 is gold to them.

I think my play was fom boredom, I was bored of just folding hand after hand. I think im going to take a break from poker for a couple days. I hate losing money from bad play, I don't mind when its from a solid play or getting sucked out on, I enjoy that. I was just trying to make something out of nothing and not play my game.

Have you guys had losing sessions because of boredom and wanting to mix things up with diasterous results? Let me know im not the only one.

I also tilted in BJ in much the same way, I was trying to get through a cashable bonus with Starluck, when my $1 just were to menotinous, so why not raise the bet up to $5, I proceeded to lose around 15 in a row and blew my chances of walking out with a decent profit.

Lesson of the Day:

Greed does not pay, play patient and within your limits to succeed on a daily basis.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BJ Bonuses

Well I headed over to Casino Ownage and took advantage of his offer of $25 to sign up for a casino through him. I did so and made a quick $74 in an hour and a half playing blackjack. I can't beleive I didn't start casino whoring earlier.

On the poker front, I've played one SNG today and bombed out in 7th or so when my A9d short stacked got call by q6s by the big stack and he hit a straight with his Q to knock me out. I was crippled on the first hand when my pocket 10s didn't hold up, I folded when someone min raised my steal bet on the turn. Im just about to load another one up, so ill try to pay better attention to any interesting hands that come up.

Monday, November 14, 2005

NL 100

I just finished a quick one hour session on Titan's NL 100 tables. I wanted to make a dent in my promo there so I decided I would 2 table since I didn't get any poker in on the weekend. I felt like I started off strong and ended a little weak tight. My normal style is Slightly loose, VP$IP of around 22%, and I have a neutral aggression rating. This means I have to have the cards to bet, but I will also steal small pots with position or against the right opponents. Near the end of my session I would raise it up to $4 in LP when its folded to me with a hand like AQ and then I would get a caller, the loose maniac at my table, he would then bet pot on the flop of rags and I would fold. Its a easy decision if it happened once, but about 4 times within 20 minutes I got reraised out of pots, all form different players. I don't mind folding over cards or even PP before the flop but am I that readable after only playing with these guys for an hour. I'm sure I'm reading more into it but I guess that's how I learn and get better. I did manage a nice profit of $52 in about an hour so that was a success but I gave some back on weak plays. My Vegas counter is now at 58.5% and if it stays green that means it is continuing to go up, red means I slipped a bit.

EDIT: Just made a quick hit and run at Globabl Player Casino. they have a New player Bonus of $50 on a $30 Deposit. Its a Sticky bonus and you do need a special deposit code to get it. It went like this:

Nov 14 21:28 Global Player Casino $149.00 Withdrawal
Nov 14 19:56 Global Player Casino $30.00 Deposit

15 Mins of Blackjack, betting $20 - $40/hand for a nice $119 profit

Friday, November 11, 2005

Remembrance day

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the veterans who fought for our freedom during the wars. Today is Remembrance day and to honour out war hero's I wont be playing poker today. Its kinds my moment of silence for those who fought and lost their lives.

I only played one SNG last night after the bar, so I was drunk and dont remember any hands. I finished 2nd which was surprising but I'll take it. I am planning a big post for next week to let everyone know more about me and a recap of my first year in poker. It should be a inspiration story to all those who start out with $50.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Goals

I think a thanks is in order to HighonPoker for pimping me in his blog. It's sent a lot of traffic my way and was surely needed to keep this going. Thanks to Gcox, Terrylane,Chipper, TripJax, and Kipper for welcoming me into the community.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this project was to motivate me to keep my eye on the prize, namely my trip to Vegas in september 2006. My company has their annual convention in San Francisco and my coworkers and I are planning a bash of magnificent proportions to Vegas, LA, then drive up the coast to the conference. This will involve gambling, cheap booze, cheaper women, and all sorts of drunken debauchery. So as you can see on the right I need to get my bankroll to $3800 in order to cash out $2000 and go on this trip. I dont see it as an issue but having a goal and a prize at the end makes it easier to play solid poker hand after hand.

I think I might be around my one year anniversary of poker as well. I will make a separate post of my journey next week at somepoint. Its been a long fruitful journey to say the least. Thanks again for the support and I look forward to keeping this going for the next year.

EDIT: Gcox Rules Thanks for the help!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Stalked my prey

I'm still trying to get through my PSO bonus at titan so I sat down tonight trying to get an hour or two in towards the bonus. After about 15mins of playing I noticed the guy to my left playing all sorts of hands in any position. I think I only saw him fold 2 hands out of 15. He would play any ace, anything suited and it didn't matter if someone raised. He caught some cards then lost most of it chasing draws, i saw hip flip over 3 missed guthots, that cost him probably $50. He rebought back up to 50, lost it then rebought back up to $100. When I saw him do that I clicked add to buddy list almost instantly.

About 5 minutes after that I get dealt 1010 UTG. This is a limp hand for me so I call the $1 BB, and 5 others limp. The flop comes Ad Jh 10h, and I hit my set of 10's. I lead out for $5 into a $6 pot trying to see where im at, its a draw friendly board and I could be behind right now. The maniac from earlier calls my $5 and everyone else folds. Im a little scared at this point because the maniac could have me beat, or drawing to the flush. The turn card is the 7h, completing a flush draw, so i'm very worried, ive seen my opponent chase a lot of flushes so It was the worst card so I bet $5 into the $16 pot. He calls again. River is a brick, so I bet $7 into him, which i'm sure looked kinda weak into a $26 pot. He comes over the top for $63 and has me covered. What would you guys do?? I think if I had no read its a easy lay down. It looked like a flush draw but then a gain why not value bet it, I obviously liked my hand and he could get more $$ out of me. So was this the classic I missed my naked Ace flush draw or did he miss his gut shot holding a K or Q? I made the call based on watching him play for the previous hour. I won the hand and took down a nice size pot. I guess the moral of the story is to pay attention to the players more, and don't blog while playing. ( I guess I cant even follow that)

Monday, November 07, 2005

Another SNG

Just wanted to post about my last tourney. I didnt win but I should have, I was chip leader in the final 3 after being down to 400 chips with 7 to go. I battled back until the final 3 when my top pair didnt hold up to villans bottom pair when he hit the turn for 2 pair, we were all in already at that point, it was the knock out blow. Earlier I called a guys bluff in the BB with k6 against 85 and he hit a 5. So the luck ran out I guess but its still an ITM finish so ill take it.

I love Titan


Well Titan SNGs continue to be a cash cow for me. I have won 4/5 SNGs. That is 1- $10 and 3- $5. Tonights was pretty bad, after making a bad play when I bluffed a 4 to a flush board and got called by 2 pair no flush I was down to 600 chips with the blinds at 50/100. I didnt get any hands until I was down to 400 and in the BB for 200, a small stack puched I called with Q7o hoping to catch a card and another guy called, i ended up sucking out against Q4, and QJ when a beautiful 7 hit the turn. This was enough for me to go on a tear and get heads up with 3000 chips vs 7000. I chiped away then double up with 44 vs KJ. Then I made the knock out punch with K8 vs AK. I was on a steal and got called and took him out. I felt bad but its happened to me so many times its nice to even it out.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Not so Good

Well my run at Titan poker is over, my streak of 3 straight SNG wins is over and the $47000 jackpot will go to someone else. My ring game today hurt a bit too. I was playing $100NL and got sucked out on huge for a $70 loss today at the tables. I limped in with 89s in late postion, the BB Min raised and there were probably 5 callers. Flop came 9910 rainbow, EP goes all in for $10, one caller then I push for $95. I made this move to isolate the All in, he was a donkey and had very little left so I did not respect his play. The caller didnt scare me and there was one more to act behind me that I wanted out. The caller calls my all in for another $35, and flips over 59o. I was golden, until runner runner flush hits and he takes down the large pot. I was pretty pissed at that point but the next hand I was Dealt AA, and took the guy who went all in on the previous hand for $50 bucks to get me a tad bit closer to even. I think he though I was titling when he called my $4 raise with KJ and kept calling me down when a King hit the flop. Im not sure what he was thinking but he donated to the cause.

Titan: +130 Stars: 2000ish

On another note, I finished my first Casino Bonus today. I did the Planetluck Blackjack bonus. You deposit $100 and they give you $100 extra to play with and you cannot withdraw until you bet $1600 worth of bets. I bet $1/hand and finished it while I was waitning for tables to open up, 10mins during lunches, 20 mins here and there. It went super quick and I made $90 bucks for clicking a mouse a bunch of times. I reccommend any of you poker guys try this because its +EV.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Tournament Fun

Well I had another somewhat successful poker night last night. It started at 7pm when I went to a friends place to play a 8 person SNG with rebuys and a $20 Buy in. Things were going well at the beginning until one guy who was a newbie started hitting cards and had about 60% of the chips with 5 people left. I was probably 4th in chips and the real money was going to be made for first or second. I was dealt pocket 5s in the BB and UTG went all in for about an 2/3 of my stack. My decsion was relatively simple when it was folded around to me, I needed to double up if I wanted to take on the the fat stack. UTG was a decent player but he was the kind of guy who would over value KQo. I thought for a second and said i'm ready for a coin flip, flipped over my 55 and proceeded to lose to his KJs. when a J hit the turn. I figured it was worth a try, the stakes werent that high and I wanted first.

I made it home with Odieone and we fired up a couple tourneys on Titan, im still tring to work my PSO bonus off there. I tried a short handed 15+2 MTT with rebuys and didnt do so well, I had my two pair domintaed by a higher 2 pair early on and decided I shouldn't rebuy considering how enibriated I was. So on to another SNG, this time the Maui 5 + .75. I've only played one other SNG at Titan and it was with HighonPoker and Gcox, and I took that one down so I was feeling confident. Don't really remember the first one but I took first. So I fired up another one and dominated it from the beginning and took it down, I am now 3/3 at SNG's on Titan and my bankroll is loving Titan. I now hae a fighting chance to hit there $45 000 bonus if only I can win a few more of these in a row. Hopefully my coinflips hold up and I will be laughing to the bank.

highonpoker said he wants a rematch with me since I owned him at the $10 SNG, I will play him this coming monday and post the results.

Titan Winnings: +203 Star Count: 1500 with 2000 to go.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

First Draft of a Banner

A Historic First Post

Well, after reading blogs for this past year, I figure it's time for me to spew my own thoughts on paper and see what kind of monster I can create. The blogs that I list on the right are the ones that have inspired me to get off my butt and star blogging. I'm not sure what my vision is quite yet but im sure I will struggle through until I figure it out. Until next time, thank's for coming!!