Monday, December 12, 2005


I've been missing in action for the last week or so, and it doesn't look any better in the near future. I am on a 3 week course that ends on December 23rd, and i'm not staying at my place. This means im not playing any poker and not able to blog for a while. I will try to post as often as I play but it won't be more then a couple times before Christmas.

Since my last post i've only played 2 really drunken SNGs and lost them all. I think I remember being ahead when I was all in but that is probably a little fuzzy at best. Im very interested in these team SNGs im hearing about, in the new year I think I will try to get a team together or join a blogger team if there's room.

Happy holidays to all and may it bring pocket aces to all.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Well I started my promo with Hollywood poker through VPP tonight and I played for a couple hours and I was up about $25 and this hand happened.


I was in MP with KK, and EP raised it 10x!! the BB and made it $10 to go. I read this as a med - low pocket pair and he would be happy to to steal the blinds. Its folded to me and I decide to make it $35 to go to see where i'm at. I debated on going all in here but decided that a reraise of that magnitude would tell me where i'm at pretty quickly. BB decided to call my $35 bet. I didnt know what to think about it and didnt have a chance to really survey his move when the EP raiser reraises all in for another $30 or so. I call his all in and have about $20 left, as does the BB. The pot is around $200 at this point. The flop comes Q34, BB goes all in for $20 and I am pretty pot committed at this point, I was pretty worried about Aces or a smaller set, but I had to call the $20. Turn comes a 2, river a 5 for a board that looks like Q2345 rainbow.

Im pretty sure you can tell that I lost the hand. What do you guys think of my line here? and what do you think the players in this hand had???

Project Freeroll

Well last nights project freeroll was a raging success. I managed to get enough stars at Titan to qualify for the PSO tourney, which only has 49 people in it so far and the top 25 pays. And as an added bonus I qualified for the Titan VIP freeroll, $5000 and there is only 79 as of today. Both tourneys run Sunday so I should have lots to report after those.

I also played Weakplayer who is a new blogger to the community in a HU match at ultimate bet. It was a pretty solid match going back and fourth until I rivered a straight and he rivered a boat and it was goodbye to me. His Blog is gonna be a great one, I can tell that already so go check him out.

I am now looking for another promo to do, I might even give VPP a chance and see if I can get the Harrington on Holdem books for playing a few hours on Hollywood poker. Ill let you guys know how that goes. I will be playing poker tonight, but not again till Sunday so there won't be too many updates over the next couple days.

May all you holdings be soooted and flops uncoordinated (whatever that means??)