Monday, April 17, 2006

The Carnage Continues

KK vs 95o
AA vs KJo
QQ vs KK (opps)
KK vs 94o
QQ vs AK
QQ vs Ax

There were a few more in there but I honestly do not remember. The KK vs 95o cost me 65$ when the guy called my reraise on the flop and he turned his 9 to hit 2 pair. The others were pretty costly as well. I almost lost it after the QQ vs AK hand when I called the river would be an Ace. Im usually ok to withstand a few bad beats but when they happen so often in one night it started to wear on me. I was down $100 from the start, so I rebought at pokerrewards and made most of the money back until the last few minutes when the AA vs KJo who flopped 2 pair cost me $20. I knew I was beat and saved a few bets I could of easily reraised all in on the flop but I had a feeling I was beat. Well with that out of my system, its time to tally up my looses so far at pokerrewards. I better win some money when I qualify for that damn freeroll that will have cost me so far around $108 to enter.

Well after calculating the $108 in the red for PokerRewards it actually makes me feel good about my play. I look back at the beats and hands that I played, some poorly, some great, some I had no chance and to be down only a buy in is pretty good. Its all about looking at the positives I guess. Don't get me wrong I was pretty pissed but if the last few beats didnt happen; my high water mark was being down only $35 for the promotion. I think ill take Damian's suggestion and hit up Party to make my money back.

Sorry for the venting post but putting it on paper actually made it easier to cope with. Ill try to post something with a little bit more substance next time, but to all you getting killed at pokerrewards: I feel your pain!!


Blogger actyper said...

I don't get it, who's winning?

I've rebought twice already on pokerrewards, I can't win. Playing 0.50/1 nl - max and sh.
1/2 limit 3/6 limit sh.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006  
Blogger L'artiste said...

Yup, I also took it in the junk at PokerRewards, over a 150$ in the hole playing .50/1$ limit Hold’Em. That’s REALLY bad folks.

Don’t worry about ranting Rye, I think all the players who are passionate about the game will need to let some steam out once and awhile. Better do it in a blog than at the table, you don’t want to tap on the aquarium as they say.

Thanks for the add btw, I’ll do the same for your blog.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006  
Blogger Scottwire said...

Guess it is my turn to tackle PokerRewards. I used to do pretty well there but I haven't played any Prima sites in a few months now. Wish me luck.

I hope Party brings more good fortune than Poker Rewards did!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006  

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