Friday, April 21, 2006

Getting out of the sandbox

Well I think I finished by Raked Hands for the PokerRewards freeroll last night. The counter doesn't seem to be updating so I hope it updates today properly so I can get my exact number. I will still be playing there for another couple hundred hands in order to complete the $100 sign up bonus, which will be on top of my $60 in PSO points.

After I finished PokerRewards I decided to jump into the fish tank we call Party Poker. I had just deposited $700 in order to get a $100 reload bonus for 1000 raked hands. This is where the sand box comes in. I normally only play 2 tables when I play online because I hate the overlap on my 17 inch monitor. I sometimes play just one if it is a higher limit than I normally play and sometimes jump on 3 if its NL25. With Party's new software I was able to resize the windows to fit 4 tables easily of NL50. I timed out a few hands when I was in a confrontation on another table, and not paying attention to the other 3 but that only happened twice I think. It was like I was staring the other person down and couldn't take my eyes of my active table, it must of worked because I couldn't get them to pay off a few of my monsters. I ended up clearing around 500 of my 1000 raked hands in 2 hours, this is another reason for me to get out of my sandbox and get my hourly rate up. I made $25/hour and I think that is sustainable at this level. Please comment if you think it is around the number I should be shooting for, I know its a small sample but it seems right if I extrapolate my win rate across 4 tables which is 10 PTBB/100 at NL50.

This also means that I need a rakeback program at a major site that is similar to Party, and can get the number of hands per hour 4 tabling above 200. Any ideas guys, I need to start to play less for bonuses and focus more on 4 tabling, and moving up to my normal level of NL100 once I get comfortable with it. Does PokerStars have rakeback?? I still haven't signed up for it yet and know its a huge site.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Blogger MathP said...

It is definitely sustainable. 25/hour is about what I get 2-3 tabling NL100 on UB, before bonuses, and I'm always undervaluing my hourly rate. 15BB/100 seems to be sustainable at shorthanded NL. 10BB/100 should be sustainable in full ring games too.

What resolution do you use? I'm in 1280x1024 on my 17" monitor, and I've never found overlaps to be a problem. I find shorthanded to be easier to multi-table though.

Friday, April 21, 2006  
Blogger Scottwire said...

I agree with mathp. 10BB/100 can be sustainable.

Pokerstars has no rakeback. They don't even have signup bonuses. You have to wait until they have a reload bonus which can be used as a signup bonus.

Monday, April 24, 2006  

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