Thursday, April 20, 2006

Its easier with the Nuts

I was fortunate enough to log onto PSO chat a couple nights ago and find a few bloggers and PSO players on the chat grinding away the raked hands required for the PokerRewards freeroll coming up. I took the opportunity to sit at the same table as a few of them and eventually we started up a private table with 7 of us playing .50/1.00 NL. I hope I remember everybody but here goes a list of the suspects:

I forget the last one, I wrote it down at home, sorry

It was a very aggressive game with a lot of raising and reraising. I think only a few hands you were even aloud to limp into. I sat down with $150 or so, it was nice that the private tables allow you to sit down with more than the usual $100. I managed not to lose any and have a great time with all the fellow PSO guys.

I managed to jump back into the PSO chat again last night, I only had time to play for an hour so it wasn't much of a session but I ran into the biggest maniac I have ever seen. This was NL .50/1.00 remember. He would routinely call raises of 10x the BB, one time 25x the BB, with garbage like K8o, KQo, it was unreal. Another guy at the same table went through 3 stacks against this guy when he would raise $25 preflop with what turned out to be 65o and continue to bluff away his stack when the maniac hit top pair. This guy was up to $300ish when he doubled me up, then he ran his $200 back up to $400 by the time he left, I left shortly after him, knowing the table would tighten up.

Last night I was basically nut peddling on PokerRewards, I have taken some sick beats and my hands now are starting to get paid off and hold up. I turned a boat and let some guy lose his stack to me when he rivered the nut flush. My only other hand was AA vs the previous maniac's k8o, he hit top pair and doubled me up with my overpair, I even reraised him preflop so he knew I had a hand. My only explanation for this guy was that he was blowing off steam from playing at much higher limits and got a thrill out of busting people with junk or picking off bluffs. I didn't want to ask; really I didn't want to tap the glass just in case he was a total donkey. All I would say is "great call", "nh", etc.

I am now up $160 at PokerRewards so if you’re down there be patient things will turn around.


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