Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Grinding along

I have been trying to grind out the Martins Bonus over the last couple weeks. Im on pace to clear the 600E Deposit bonus within the 90 day time frome but it will be tight. I dont get home from work till around 6pm, which leaves only a couple hours on martin's primetime. It is a desert after 8pm EST, which sucks for us working folks. I have finally broke even at the site after being down approximately 120E. I'm at 700 VIP points with 2300 left to go and I have already received 225E in bonuses. My bankroll is doing well, ill update the sidebar in a couple days but I think I am close to $3000, and if I finish even during this Martin bonus I should be at my goal of $3800 by September, 2006. I guess at that time I will re-evaluate and come up with something that will push me to play more.

On a more personal note, I bought a house! So now my poker bankroll will become even more fragile. I'm sure I will feel the need to take cash out and by a fancy TV or *couch* couches. This also means I will have even less time to play poker, I will have an hour to commute to work and back, which isnt good.

I havent had to many interesting hands but I will leave you with a donkey play by my opponent. Please don't do this, this is a public service announcement really.

NL 100...I hold 55 in EP, I call the BB ($1) and player to my left calls, next guy min raises and we both call. 3 to flop.

FLOP A 4 5 Rainbow. I hit top set and want to check to the preflop raiser, guy to my left bets a buck into a $7 pot, raiser pops it to $5. I without much hesitation go all in for $80 I have in front of me. I was hoping to get a call from AK. Not really sure about my reads but I knew I was ahead and pushed to make the guy make a HUGE mistake. Guy to my left insta-folds, and raiser calls for the $50 he has in front of him, turn and river are both 6s and I fill my boat.

I see him flip over 33???? he had a gut shot and a underpair to the board and called my all in for $50?? I love Donkey's!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well I've always been confident, but at the poker table it depends on the week. Everyone I know probably calls me cocky, but I correct them and say that i'm just confident. This attitude spews into my NL Ring games whenever i'm on a roll, but when I have a couple losing sessions it seems to be gone. I have finally regained it in the last few days and wow does it feel good. My bets sizes are bigger, im getting more people to lay down hands and when I have it im pushing the other guy to pay me off for every penny he/her is worth.

Aggression seems to be the word of the day in the poker world. I disagree with the use most of the time, I find people say they are aggressive when they are playing loose and are not focused on when to be aggressive. I think the players that play with confidence exude aggression and that aggression is the by-product of confidence. Its the same in business, the sales guy that is in a nice suit is confident, and that leads to closing deals and instilling trust on the clients part. They feel good about doing business with you. As in poker when the confident player makes correct decisions and bet sizes to extract the maximum in all situations.

Do you think confidence in your personal life is correlated to your poker game?
Or can you be confident at a poker table and completely shy in you personal life and still win at the tables?

Lets see if we can get a list of traits going and how they correlate onto the virtual felt.

This confidence has made $200 in the last 2 nights!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Im a Stud

Well after a couple of losing days at NLHE at Martins Poker, in the tune of $30 and $40, I decided to switch things up a bit. I have never really played anything seriously other than NLHE in my year long poker quest. I decided to play some stud in order to get some VIP points, the pots must be over $7 and that doesn't happen too often with this bonus going on. The Stud tables were the exception so I started a $.50 bring in table and just played tight to accumulate points, it seem to work and I managed to win a few bucks.

So with this small win I fired up a PL Omaha High table, again never played it for cash before. This was a $.10/.20 game and the people were complete idiots. The average pot size was over $8, there was one guy raising Pot preflop 80% of the time and he made a killing. He was able to get away from hands when people showed strength but when he had a hand he would stack guys cause they didn't believe him. It was brilliant really especially with the small blinds. I used common sense and only played 20% of my hands and only bet strong if I had a strong draw or hit the flop hard. Pretty basic but with some common knowledge and patience it was pretty easy to triple up my $10 buy in. Yes I bought short but I didn't realize it would be so easy.

Then played some NLHE $50 and made some more cash. It was a fresh outlook and it got me out of my mini slump. So with that being said I think its time to read a book on Omaha.

Cheers to a fresh Poker mind!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Martins Poker

Well I did manage to cash in my last SNG I was talking about. I was not happy with my last tourney play. I wasn't able to open up and punish the small stacks. I made timely steals and raises but felt like I was treading water late in the game. I lost my chip lead when we were down to 4 players and in the money. I played to defensivley to ensure a money finish and got crushed once I was middle stack.

On a much brighter note, I'm starting the Martinspoker bonus of 600E + 200E reload bonus and all I have to do is play 3000 hands over the next couple months. A bonus like this will force me to play much more poker and get back to my "A" game. I have neglected playing in the past month due to holidays and seeing more of my family, I will now neglect all my friends, family, and my girlfriend in the name of POKER. Im sure no one will mind, I will just have to make the odd appearance and get drunk with my friends.

If I clear this bonus and not lose too much of it, it will put me in great shape of making my goal for my trip to vegas. I may have to reevaluate where my goals are in a couple months after finishiing this promo.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Im Back

Wow, the holidays seemed to last forever. Im finally back on my schedule and should be able to get a lot more hands in. Im starting tonight with a 20 Person SNG on Hollywood poker. As I type this im the chip leader by 2000 with 15 or so people left. I had a couple donkey's at my table who over bet with a straight and I had the nut flush. They tripled me up on the second hand I was in, I think it was the third level. I hope I can cash with this lead, if I dont I might quit poker for good. Its Fianl Table time!! Let get'r done