Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I finally had the chat last night with my girlfriend of 3 years about me playing poker. I have been open with her regarding most things regarding poker. She knows I have accounts all over the place, She knows that I need a bankroll to lessen the risk, she thinks its at $2000 which is fine. She normally is around when I'm playing or goes to bed and sees what time I come to bed at, and she is fine with all of that. The part that she is not fine with is the community of poker. I'm not a typical blogger that shows up to blogger events, AIM bloggers to start a game, etc. I usually play with one other friend or just hop on the tables when I have a spare minute or hour. She doesn't like me reading blogs, poker sites, poker forums, etc. She thinks it is becoming obsessive that I come home and read about poker when I am not playing poker. I don't think it helps that I have Harrington on Hold em on my bedside table.

This puts me in a tough spot, I equate the reading on poker to the training and practice it requires to be good at any sport. The game is when I am on the tables and playing poker. If I lose the mental ability by not reading as much I know my reads will be worse, and I will not develop as a poker player. I really believe in reading how others describe their hands that they play and the reason behind their actions, even if I wouldn't play a hand like them I know what my opponents are thinking when I am in a hand with them. I think this is the one thing that gives me a competitive advantage on my competition, I've read enough of the average players hands to know how "they" would play a hand. I'm not saying i'm above average by any means but with this added knowledge stored way back in my head I can make reads and lay downs based on my aimless poker website readings and blogs. I think this helps me more than logging a ton of hours at the table, which I am in no position to do because of work and other responsibilities.

I didn't know how this post was going to turn out but I think I've answered my questions about giving up reading about poker. I will try not to do it as much when the the girlfriend is around but I can't stop training for the big game either. Girlfriends really are the rake! Just joking, she hasn't even asked me to withdraw anything, but I think I will take her on vacation if I win one of the top 2 PSO league prizes.

Any suggestions about what I should do in this situation?

Monday, March 27, 2006

PSO League #6

It was another league night last night for PSO. The turn outs have been pretty consistant with around 110 players every event. Im not sure why more players didn't jump on this league, with 10k in overlay on only 10 - $5 events, it works out to about $213 in overlay per player who qualifies with 6 events. Those numbers are based on 75 players playing in 6 events.

It was another success last night, I managed to squeek into the money with another 17th Place finish, adding another cash to my streak over the past few weeks. I need to figure out a way to get another final table before the end of the event. It gets tougher and tougher each week as players seem to know my name now after being on top of the league for the past few weeks, even though chipnchair is really leading so take him out not me. I think im going to put a bounty on his head for the next few tournaments becuase he is the biggest luck box I have seen. Last night he was all in with 74o against AQs and rivered a straight. He then took me out with a 2 outer on the river. So I hope he has internet problems and misses the next 4 events so I have a chance at first.

Standings Here

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another MTT Cash

Well I think I may of found my niche, its MTT. I have been doing well in the PSO tourneys as of late and before those I never really tried playing MTT. I was a cash game player that did well at SNG's when I was bored of the grind. I never really had the time and thought that they wre a waste of time. Im now beginning to realize that I just might have "game".

I know my sample size is small but in my last 6 MTT, ive gone:

2/139 (Cash)
5/114 (Cash)
17/101 (Cash)
1/10 SNG (10+1 @ Party)
15/445 (Cash)

I used to have a no patience and thought that I would just lose, and not concentrate when I played the odd MTT. This PSO league has given me a reason to concentrate and keep my focus on every play because every play matters for position at the end of the league. I think that this is the diffence betwwen playing quality poker and going through the motions.

With these finishes I've been able to learn from each one on how to finish tournaments whne blinds are escalating and I think I am better after each one. I make one or two mistakes each tournament and chalk it up to learning. This is the key to getting better at anything we do in life, learning from mistakes.

Whoever reads this, I think theres 2 people! Next tournament think to yourself that you are gonna cash and set that as your goal. Every decision that you make, remember your goal and how its gonna effect it.

Good luck and may the force be with you.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

KQ and KJ = Rail

Im not sure if I should post this before the end of the PSO Tourney's or not but here goes nothing. It amazes me how many people are willing to put there tourney life on the line with KJ or KQ suited or not doesn't really matter. Last tournament I was able to double up a few times with donkey's playing trash cards, sometimes they hit which is fine but more often then not they are at the rail.

One hand in particular comes to mind, its late in the tourney with 30 or so people left I am below average with 1300ish and blinds are 100/200. These numbers are all made up, I will have to go through Poker Tracker if I want accuracy but my point will remain. I raise to 800 from MP leaving me with 500 behind in a hopes to steal the blinds. I had A6 but that doesnt matter either, im a donkey. LP reraises all in and I have to angonize over calling the 500 in front of me. This is a easy call cause I am committed to the pot, but with the league set up I thought for a while because I needed a lower finish. I called eventually and villian flips over KQ, and I double up.

What was he possibly thinking, a short stack (who is tight) raises enough to committ him to a pot and he decides that his KQ must be good and throws all his money in. He pretty much only beats a bluff, at best its a coinflip for his tournament life. It just doesnt make sense. Ill add that this is the guy that got his chips from me earlier when I reraised him with KK and he called all in with 65s and hit trips 6's. I guess I should make a post to teach about the GAP principle in tournaments because some of these guys have no clue. Im no expert but I am learning MTT theory / strategy and folding KQ to a raise is normally the best idea when you tournament life is at stake. At best your a slightly behind, but there will be a better time to get your money in if you just have a little patience (Queue Guns n' Roses Song).

Monday, March 20, 2006

PSO Tourney #5

I managed to laugh at an early elimination and dance around some bad beats to finish a proud 17th. I had most of PSO chat cheering against me, especially KUGR!!! I have designated him my new NEMESIS and I will vow to steal his blinds at every chance that I get.

I managed to lose some bad ones last night, it seemed that everytime I would manage to get a few chips in front of me I would lose a 80/20 or 70/30. I played solid to get those chips to lose so the beats didnt make any difference to my game, its just bad for my heart. I made my exit losing two coin flips in a row, I think i had 99 and 88 vs AQ and AJ, both times the made trips I think.

I hope to keep up this rush, I think im in 2nd with using the top 4 of 5 scores but there is a lot more poker left. My goal is still the top 5 for some extra PSO points.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Titan SNG

Wow I just fired up a Titan 10 +1 SNG and wow are the players horrible. 3 Players out in the first level and I havent played a hand. They gave me a free tournament token so I decided to try the site out again. I hope this play keeps up.

One minute after typing this I just went out when some one hit 2 pair agaisnt me with Q3o. Opps I guess im the donkey. Off to bed, I have to get my sleep for st. Paddy's day tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PSO Tourney #4

I just had my post deleted, so this will be much shorter.

I managed to place 5th after being the short stack for the final 20 people. I was never above average once, and had a stack of 600 and 700 when the blinds were 100/200 and 150/300. I waited to give myself the best chance to double up, which meant I resisted the tempataion to push with any two cards, KUGR gave me that advice. So I bugged him for a bit and he ended up giving me lots of chips in the BB when he was in the SB stealing.

I had the normal bad beats that a tourney provides, KK vs A5s (flopped nut flush), 99 vs 45o (Final table - Turned a straight) and there was another beat I took with KK. I always took these beats in stryde as a lot of my coin flips held up. I also always pushed against small stacks so even the suck outs didnt cost me my tourney life.

This was the post I read the day of the tourney and I attribute my attitude to it:

Pocket 5s

I'm looking good for a top 5 finish in the League, there is a lot more poker left but I think I can use 3 of my 4 finishes for sure, so that means I need 3 decent finishes in the next 6 rounds to secure some cash.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

PSO Blogger Freeroll

Bloggers Championship I am registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Freeroll
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of Nevada Jacks poker chips.
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I have only played one session since my last post and the PSO league. I have been busy with my new house and work has also been hectic. I now sit 7th in the PSO leagu and the top 5 get paid after 10 events, I need to have atleast one more final table to get into the top 5 I think.

The one seesion I did play I lost a full stack at the NL100 tables when I lost a battle of the blinds when it was folded around to us. We ended up both hitting sets on the flop, mine just happened to be middle set and the BB flopped top set, all the money went in and thats all she wrote. Yes it was bad timing, but that is the first time I have lost set over set in my career, so life is still good. I hope variance doesn't catch up with me and give me 3 of these in a row now.

Good luck in the next PSO tourney, Ill try to get more hands in by then. Im only 1/2 done my Martins Bonus and it doesnt look like ill get all 3000 hands in this month. That just shows how little i've been playing.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

PSO tourney #3

I had a respectable finish of 33rd, I went out pushing Q10 to what I thought was aBig stack steal of my BB. But he had AJ and I was out. But the funniest part of the tourney was when MKGLL dropped the hammer on my friend. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

PSO hits 25000 Members

WOW, it seemed liked yesterday that they were crossing 10 000 members. I have done almost every possible promotion through and it is one of the main reason's I have the Bankroll that I do now. There PSO points add up very quickly and were a good cushion for me while I was learning.

If you reading this and havent heard of them, you better go there or your losing Expected Value!!

The other great reason to visit PSO is that they have a great Poker Forum that the community of 25000 uses to discuss hand analysis, tournament situations, and general chat that is more humerous and entertaining than anywhere else. They also have a live monkey that posts nothing but smileys, just look for Moneymate adding to every single post that is created. Its quite the feat that they were able to train a monkey that well. Its more a testament to the PSO staff, which normally reply to any request with in minutes if you need help.

Well run over, don't wait and cash in on PSO's amazing deals, and if you can join the league you might be able to win a seat at the WSOP, I call that +EV.