Thursday, April 27, 2006

PSO League #8

I haven't been playing much over the past week, so I haven't had much to talk about here. My biggest uneventful event's has been the PSO freeroll and PSO League. In the PSO freeroll I bombed out half way through after not hitting one flop and I was cold decked the whole night.

The PSO league was the complete opposite, I was hit in the face with the deck and most of my raises got the respect that they deserved so I chipped up early with winning a lot of uncontested pots. I then hit a set agaisnt the one guy at the table that could serverly cripple me and check raised him for 75% of his stack, but he had an easy call with his 108s and a draw at a non,non,non,non, nut flush! What was I thinking getting my money in with a 72% chance to win?? Queue Phil Hellmuth commentary.

I still kept my lead in the overall standings, with two event left. I have stepped up the aggression level in these events because I want to build a stack early and keep the pressure on and place in the top 10 to seal the deal. Im now willing and able to take some more chances in order to get a stack, because I have 2 Tournaments left to try again. I figure going 1 for 3 FT's in the remaining tournaments is not asking too much. The only thing that scares me is the number of people showing up, it is making it a lot easier to catch me, which leads me to think the league scoring should of been weighted in order of how many runners were in a particulare tournament. I think its alot easier to FT a event with 60-70 players then 140+. But I'll leave that commentary for after I get knocked out of first.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Getting out of the sandbox

Well I think I finished by Raked Hands for the PokerRewards freeroll last night. The counter doesn't seem to be updating so I hope it updates today properly so I can get my exact number. I will still be playing there for another couple hundred hands in order to complete the $100 sign up bonus, which will be on top of my $60 in PSO points.

After I finished PokerRewards I decided to jump into the fish tank we call Party Poker. I had just deposited $700 in order to get a $100 reload bonus for 1000 raked hands. This is where the sand box comes in. I normally only play 2 tables when I play online because I hate the overlap on my 17 inch monitor. I sometimes play just one if it is a higher limit than I normally play and sometimes jump on 3 if its NL25. With Party's new software I was able to resize the windows to fit 4 tables easily of NL50. I timed out a few hands when I was in a confrontation on another table, and not paying attention to the other 3 but that only happened twice I think. It was like I was staring the other person down and couldn't take my eyes of my active table, it must of worked because I couldn't get them to pay off a few of my monsters. I ended up clearing around 500 of my 1000 raked hands in 2 hours, this is another reason for me to get out of my sandbox and get my hourly rate up. I made $25/hour and I think that is sustainable at this level. Please comment if you think it is around the number I should be shooting for, I know its a small sample but it seems right if I extrapolate my win rate across 4 tables which is 10 PTBB/100 at NL50.

This also means that I need a rakeback program at a major site that is similar to Party, and can get the number of hands per hour 4 tabling above 200. Any ideas guys, I need to start to play less for bonuses and focus more on 4 tabling, and moving up to my normal level of NL100 once I get comfortable with it. Does PokerStars have rakeback?? I still haven't signed up for it yet and know its a huge site.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Its easier with the Nuts

I was fortunate enough to log onto PSO chat a couple nights ago and find a few bloggers and PSO players on the chat grinding away the raked hands required for the PokerRewards freeroll coming up. I took the opportunity to sit at the same table as a few of them and eventually we started up a private table with 7 of us playing .50/1.00 NL. I hope I remember everybody but here goes a list of the suspects:

I forget the last one, I wrote it down at home, sorry

It was a very aggressive game with a lot of raising and reraising. I think only a few hands you were even aloud to limp into. I sat down with $150 or so, it was nice that the private tables allow you to sit down with more than the usual $100. I managed not to lose any and have a great time with all the fellow PSO guys.

I managed to jump back into the PSO chat again last night, I only had time to play for an hour so it wasn't much of a session but I ran into the biggest maniac I have ever seen. This was NL .50/1.00 remember. He would routinely call raises of 10x the BB, one time 25x the BB, with garbage like K8o, KQo, it was unreal. Another guy at the same table went through 3 stacks against this guy when he would raise $25 preflop with what turned out to be 65o and continue to bluff away his stack when the maniac hit top pair. This guy was up to $300ish when he doubled me up, then he ran his $200 back up to $400 by the time he left, I left shortly after him, knowing the table would tighten up.

Last night I was basically nut peddling on PokerRewards, I have taken some sick beats and my hands now are starting to get paid off and hold up. I turned a boat and let some guy lose his stack to me when he rivered the nut flush. My only other hand was AA vs the previous maniac's k8o, he hit top pair and doubled me up with my overpair, I even reraised him preflop so he knew I had a hand. My only explanation for this guy was that he was blowing off steam from playing at much higher limits and got a thrill out of busting people with junk or picking off bluffs. I didn't want to ask; really I didn't want to tap the glass just in case he was a total donkey. All I would say is "great call", "nh", etc.

I am now up $160 at PokerRewards so if you’re down there be patient things will turn around.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Proud Papa!!

No its not what your thinking, I didn't knock up my girlfriend. I just played a hand to perfection on PokerRewards and after all my ranting I wanted to post a hand when the Hero wins for a change. Go check out the "Back to Poker" Post at DoubleAs to see why I played this hand like I did.

NL 100 6 Max

UTG Calls $1
Folded to me with AKo in the BB I Check
I normally raise to extract value from a limper like this but I didn't want to show strength.

Flop AA6

Great flop for me, He has no idea I have an ace so out of position the logical play is the check, so I check.

He Checks behind.

Turn K

I turn the stone cold nuts and can't bet now, so I check, He checks behind.
Im just hoping hes gonna catch a piece of this at some point.

River 4

I bet $1 into a $2.50 pot which screams raise me, raise me!!

He raises to $4

I raise another $6, he raises another 12, I raise 18, and he goes all in.

Wam bam thank you ma'am, and he flips over 66 for the flopped boat, opps!

All those bad beats seem to fade away after this hand, im still down $30 or so at PokerRewards but it all seems worth it. :)

See im not really a donkey that spews chips and loses all my buy ins.

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Carnage Continues

KK vs 95o
AA vs KJo
QQ vs KK (opps)
KK vs 94o
QQ vs AK
QQ vs Ax

There were a few more in there but I honestly do not remember. The KK vs 95o cost me 65$ when the guy called my reraise on the flop and he turned his 9 to hit 2 pair. The others were pretty costly as well. I almost lost it after the QQ vs AK hand when I called the river would be an Ace. Im usually ok to withstand a few bad beats but when they happen so often in one night it started to wear on me. I was down $100 from the start, so I rebought at pokerrewards and made most of the money back until the last few minutes when the AA vs KJo who flopped 2 pair cost me $20. I knew I was beat and saved a few bets I could of easily reraised all in on the flop but I had a feeling I was beat. Well with that out of my system, its time to tally up my looses so far at pokerrewards. I better win some money when I qualify for that damn freeroll that will have cost me so far around $108 to enter.

Well after calculating the $108 in the red for PokerRewards it actually makes me feel good about my play. I look back at the beats and hands that I played, some poorly, some great, some I had no chance and to be down only a buy in is pretty good. Its all about looking at the positives I guess. Don't get me wrong I was pretty pissed but if the last few beats didnt happen; my high water mark was being down only $35 for the promotion. I think ill take Damian's suggestion and hit up Party to make my money back.

Sorry for the venting post but putting it on paper actually made it easier to cope with. Ill try to post something with a little bit more substance next time, but to all you getting killed at pokerrewards: I feel your pain!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Variance is a Biatch

I think the title says it all, I ran bad all weekend with my premium hands not holding up. It made for an expensive weekend! I hope all the bloggers enjoyed the long weekend and made more money than I did. I will be back at it this week and hope to win some of my money back or go prostitute myself to get back even.

I started a new promo with PokerRewards as well to play in the PSO 10k freeroll in May. If you havent signed up all you need is 750 raked hands to qualify for the Freeroll and you get the PSO points as well. So far im losing money but I hope to turn it around, Ill give a better report on the play once I finish the hand requirements next week.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It all adds up

As I mentioned in a previous poist I have upped by bankroll goal to $10 000 by December 31, 2006. This leave me 8.5 months to accumulate $4800 or $550 per month give or take. This does not include any withdrawals so in effect after my Vegas trip the bankroll will be less $2000, therefore at year end it will be at $8000. In order to accomplish this goal I will play poker, blackjack, sign up for more rooms for bonuses and beg borrow and deal to hit my goal. The bulk of this will come from poker but in order for me to play NL 200 comfortably I am will to sacrafice my downtime to play some +EV blackjack or anything else that will add to my roll.

I guess you can say I cheated the system in order to be sitting on a bankroll of five grand. I used PSO points to buy giftcards to party poker, I played on 10 or more poker sites this year to get all the sign up bonuses I could. I also tried my hand at blackjack to the tune of $1000 in winnings approximately. This might be the reason I only play 5 hours of poker a week because I am always looking for an angle to gamble it up and add to the roll even if its not from the tables. Don't get me wrong, Im not hiding my losses at the poker table with all these bonuses but they do allow me to move up limits. I think my BB/100 is in double digits at the sites that allow poker tracker.

Is this wrong? Am I cheating the system?? I think not, I believe it allows me to play at higher limits faster, therefore leading to the real money before all the bonuses for low limit players dry up. Im guessing that I played NL25 for 8 months, NL 50 for 2 months, NL100 for 5 months, and now im ready to step it up over the next couple months and transition to NL200. Would of it been possible for me to do it if I didn't whore? I don't think I would of been able to play as confidently without all the bonuses. I think fast tracking limits after you have proven yourself is essential to making the real money in poker, and lets face it its at limits above NL200.

The main reason for this post was when a blogger asked me to sign up for a site that would pay me 1.5% of my bankroll automatically. He also added the disclaimer that I might not be interested in it because I have a nice nice bankroll and why would I care about such a small amount. My answer is to suck any positive cashflow situation that becomes available in order to build a roll. Never pass on a +EV payout, because it will be one small step to get to your goal of being fully bankrolled to play X level.

Now go out there and whore it up!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

RIO SNG's on Titan

Well after hearing Jordan from HighOnPoker rave about these little beauties I thought I would give them a try. I just missed getting in a MTT so I looked for alternatives. I took a look at the Rio's and noticed they pay out the top 3 spots of a 6 man tourney. The entry fee is $20 + 3 which is a bit steep but there is a jackpot for winning 6 in a row or placing top 2 in 6 in a row.

I played four in total:

1st - $60
2nd - $36
1st - $60
3rd - $24

For a Tidy profit of $88 in about 2.5 Hours of playing time with very little variance.

The players are mostly terrible, with an exception of maybe one or two other players at the table tops. I had players pushing into $40 pots in the first level. Min raises like they were going out of style, I've never seen baby Jesus cry so often during the course of 4 SNG's. I would classify the good players as weak tight, meaning there blinds were open season once you build up a stack.

My strategy was to play a few hands early to build up a stack of 1.5 times starting then sit back and coast until one or two players were out then start stealing blinds when the blinds get up higher. I found with a stack of T1500 you were guaranteed in the money if you played tight aggressive poker. Short stacks tended to push a lot when they were down to T600 from the T1000 they started with, even though they had plenty of time to maneuver considering the blinds are very small to start out relative to stack sizes.

I will play a few more of theses gems and see if it is just variance but I'm guessing its not. I was card dead for my one 2nd place finish so I know you don't need cards once your at the magic number of T1500.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Catch up post

I have played in two tournaments over the past few days and have just now had access to the internet to make a post.

I was able to get a seat to a $250 buy in charity event courtesy of Canadian Poker Player Magazine and by checking the PSO forums to see what is going on in the poker world. The event is talked about in much detail in the Canadian Poker Player Post on PSO. I give a breif trip report there so I won't go into to much detail except that I bombed out early.

I also played in another PSO tourney, this was event 7 of 10. I finally popped my cherry and took it down for a cool $450 after PSO throws in an overlay of $600 for the top 3 players. This win put me solidily in first place and puts the pressure on chipnchair; a player that is also doing very well in the league. He needs to finish in the top 21 in one of the next 3 events if I don't improve on my worst finish of 33rd. I'm still not overly confident because the fields have been getting smaller and 21st isn't that tough to get to with a bit of luck.

In order to win the tournament I was able to catch some great cards late when it counted and ended up beating the second place player when I was dealt AA heads up and slow played him into pushing against me after the flop. He wasn't very good, all I needed to do was wait for a hand to trap with because he was pushing all in every hand heads up.

See Standings Here

I once again have to change my bankroll goals for 2006. I only play a couple hours a week of cash games so I thought it was going to be tough to hit them, but with MTT's and this league I have surpassed them with realitive ease over the past 4 months. I originally had $1800 in December, 2005 when I decided I'm going to vegas in September. I set a goal of making $2000 for the trip by september, I made that by last month now I raised it a bit more, then had a great week so I'm going to bite the bullet this week and set my goal at $10 000 by the end of 2006. I just need a plan of action and put some numbers on paper to track it.

I'm planning a big post on MTT strategy that will coincide it with the PSO league ending next month.

Monday, April 03, 2006

NOTE to self: Do not tilt

Well I thought I was even keeled until now. I just tilted away a buy in at the NL 200 tables at Martin's poker trying to chase some more bonus dollars. I think ill be down with that site when I get another 20 hands or so to get the next $20 bonus increment.

I was steaming when I was stuck $50 for losing a TPTK hand to AA. Then tried to bluff a couple pots and that didn't work so I was now down to $120 or so. I then flopped a open ended stright flush draw that didnt come in bringing me down to $90. The very next hand I get dealt 66 and hit a set on the most draw heavy board imaginable 6s7s8h.

Im only posting this so everyone can look at me, point and laugh. I deserve it. I had the button so EP bet 7, MP raised, I went all in, EP folds, MP flips over the nuts. I knew he had it but could bring myself to fold, all I was thinking was that I wanted to get even and I knew I had outs if the board paired. That is the worst logic imaginable to make a play like that. It admits that your beat therefore you should fold. Not this GUY <------

My fold Equity is zero because the guy represented strength by reraising, I should let it go, not think ill be even after this hand. I do not know if I can handle play NL200 if I cant get my head straight. I know my game is ready but one mistake is very costly to make, and I hate variance.

I will take a step back and stick to NL 200 on party when I can use poker tracker, I don't have access from the computer im playing on now.


Good luck at the tables

Great Bankroll Weekend

Well I had a good weekend for my bankroll but I didnt get to play as much as I would of liked to. I managed to haul in just shy of $400 in about 10 mins playing a blackjack promotion, it was my second attempt at it so I really netted $365 after taking my ownage bonus into account.

On the poker front, I decided to step up limits to Party's NL 200 tables. I almost sat down at the NL 400 tables but thought I would start out small. I don't really think this is taking a shot for me, it's more progressing forward in limits. Im fully bankrolled for the NL 200 game and I think that is the reason why I felt so comfortable from the beginning. My high water mark was $280 up and I ended the session up $190 after 75 hands. I folded QQ after the river when I knew I was beat and I made a tough lay down with AA after betting $20 on the river when I got reraised to $100. This hand was pretty interesting, so ill share.

Im the the SB with AA.

two limpers so I raise to $7 (3.5x BB was my standard raise no matter what)

BB folds, other two call.

Flop 245 rainbow ( I lead out with $14) One folds, other reraises to 36.

I call

10 is the turn, I check, he checks?? <- this didnt seem right was he hoping I would catch up?

River is another 2

After his check on the turn I fired out $20 to see if I could showdown cheap.
He reraises to $100, I think he has a boat and fold.

He limped then called, screams low PP, check raise flop, look weak on turn, board pairs and reraise big.
I think he could of had 44,55,A2 (most unlikely) but would make senses to reraise my continuation bet to see if I had AK, then check to try to hit gut shot and rivers trips.

What do you think of my line and how he played the hand?

He was a 27% VP$IP