Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cash Games

I was now at the NYNY hotel thanks to Dugglebogey and KingLucky who were nice enough to drive me there in their rental car to save a bit of money on a cab. I managed to spend my new found savings on a 12 pack of Heineken for the guys that I was meeting, this was to ensure a few pre-drinks were had by all. We didn’t decide on a course of action other than to bar hop from casino to casino to look for a happening party. We were unsuccessful at the Piano bar in NYNY; we weren’t in the mood for MILF’s or cougars. We headed over to the MGM only to find no decent place open, so we grabbed a quick slush filled concoction which hit the spot during walk down the strip in one hundred degree heat, it would have for sure melted my igloo from back home.

We finally settled at a bar in Paris in the middle of the action so we could sit and have a few drinks, we were all very jet lagged and exhausted at this point, it was around 1am Vegas time. I ordered a round of Red Bull and Vodka which would either give us more energy or kill us. We decided to call it an early night so my friends went back to their hotel and I went to check the list for the $1/2 NL game at Paris only to find it 8 deep and they were not going to open another table so I staggered out of there in search of a game. Logically the next hotel I came across was Bally’s, so I took the mile long trek into the casino and found the poker room.

They had a seat for me at the $1/2 NL game which had a $100 minimum and $300 maximum buy in. I decided since I was already kind of drunk so I only bought in for $200. I get my chips and look around the table to see the lay of the land. There is one guy in the 7s with around $2000 in front of him in neat stacks of $5 red chips, the 8s had about $500, and the 9s had $600. I was in the 3s and a mix of players from bad to average rotated through the others all night long. I would say that in total there was about $5000 on this $1/2 table which is a sick amount of money. I knew I needed to adjust to the bigger raises and continuation bets if I wanted to survive with my stack and dignity in tact.

I knew this was the perfect table for me, they would be used to big bets coming from the big stacks, which could of meant anything, so when I bet big because I have something I should be able to get paid off. If the big stack decided to play back at me I would have to have a made hand to tangle with him. I do not remember to many exact hands but I know that I had a very solid image within an hour of sitting down. I would make a few plays at the small pots and pick them up with rags or over cards. My continuation bets were getting the respect of a very tight player. My philosophy is to raise to $15 whenever I have a premium hand which normally meant getting 2 callers, I would CB for about $25-$30 and take pots down. I was sitting at around $400 when things became very entertaining, this was around 5 am as well. We got 2 new players at this time, one crazy steaming maniac that normally plays the $2/5 games who just got back from the WSOP on my right and a hot chick named Natasha who was from L.A. on my left. Natasha and I decided to make things interesting and do a couple shots since the red bull and vodka's obviously weren't enough for me, so we ordered a couple jagerbombs to the table. The rest of the table was pretty talkative but they seemed to mean business and didn't want to partake in the festivities. We slammed those back and ordered a shot every time the button came around for the next few levels. I was pretty much shit faced by this point, 6 am, I had to stand up and stretch over the table from my 3s to make out what had flopped, the table was quite amused at this. I manage to flop a couple decent hands and bluff whenever I didn't to get my stack up to $500ish. I was dropping F-Bombs a lot at this point and I think I may of been getting loud because I seemed to get warned about every 15 minutes to stop swearing, stop talking about hands,, my reaction to this was to ask the table if they wanted me to leave in the most drunken way I could. They never seemed to want me to leave because they all had an eye on my money, thinking that it would be easy to take money off the drunk. I used it to my advantage as much as possible, but if I did take a stab at a pot and it didn't work I could always let it go.

I had 3 hands that I actually remember around this time. The first one was when the maniac on my left who was now 2 buyins stuck told me to raise without looking at my cards, so I obliged, and the flop came with a rainbow 962, I got a couple of callers so I checked and it gets check around, turn is a 9, I check since I don't know my cards, and one guy bets the other guy folds and I tell him I have to look at my cards. I peak down at 910o and declare raise and pop it up $50 and get the guy to fold. I show my hand and it gets the table going pretty good. The table started to straddle at some point, people were betting in the dark, and generally having a great time at the table. The next hand I remember was when I raised it up to $15 and got 2 callers, one was the big stack, so before the flop came I told him that he would call my raises with any two cards hoping to bust me, he just smiled and laughed. I have no idea what the flop was but I bet $30 into the callers and they both folded so I threw my 93o face up in the middle of the table. They both shook there head and realized that it was just a matter of time before they would bust me. :) I normally don't act like this but the big stack was kind of a dick and he flashed a few bluffs earlier so he did have it coming.

The last hand of the night came after the huge stack decided to move seats from the 7s to the 5s to be closer to my left, I don't know if he wanted to hear my conversations or just keep a closer eye on me?? It was funny someone racking $2000 in chips just to move 2 spots over. I was in the BB when the hot chick in the 4s raised it up to $15 and since she was pretty tight no one called so I said that I would donate some money to her with my JQ. The flop came down 9102 rainbow which was a good flop to me, I checked and she bet $25, I called with 2 overs and the OESD. This apparently scared the crap out of her, $25 was a huge bet for her and she was worried I had a monster because of the size of her bet, I was accustomed to $40 CB's and reraises preflop of $50 so it wasn't that big of a deal. The turn is a blank so I check again, she checks behind, this makes me put her on 2 over cards as well, AK, AQ. The river is another blank for both of us and I know the only way to win this pot is by betting, so I fire $45 at her and she takes a few minutes, gets mad at me for betting, tells me I have a set and folds her top pair of 10's, with I could only imagine ace kicker. I proceeded to show her my busted straight draw, which she asked for and truly wanted to know and it made her more pissed at herself. After all of that she gave me her number because she had connections in LA, and I will be going there in September. She said to give her a shout and she will show my friends and I the party spots in L.A. I ended up leaving at 8:30am with an extra $350 in winnings padding my wallet for my effort.

This is what Las Vegas poker should be all about, great poker, loose action, free drinks, shots, and beautiful women!

Next installment, session #2 and PURE nightclub at Caesars.

Monday, July 24, 2006


In keeping with my theme of Daniel Negreanu.

Check this Out

Click on "Daniel Negreanu Stand Up '03"

You will not be disappointed. Funny Shit!

I will have the next portion of my trip report up tomorrow!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 2: WSOP

I ended up on the alternates list for event #17 which I was pretty pissed off about but there was nothing I could do about it. I had to sit on the sidelines for the first level and wait for 200 players to bust before they seated me at my table with Mike. It was a surreal feeling looking around the thousands of poker players in one room. I’m used to playing online against names and not faces so it was cool looking across the room and seeing the throngs of players. It made me think about what an online Party MTT tournament would look like with 5000 players and players getting knocked out a an alarming rate, tables would break at a pace of 1 in every 30 seconds. I finally sat down at my table at the very end of level one. The tables were eleven handed and Mike was at the opposite end of the table staring back at me from behing his dark glasses. He told me to wear my sunglasses since I was new to the live tournament game, they made me feel like a dork but I wore them anyway. My first hand I was dealt q10 of hearts and didn't get to see a flop in my first ever hand at a WSOP tournament.

The first hand I played was a smallish pocket pair that didn't connect after I limped in, so I had around T1400 when the decisive hand came up. I was dealt AA UTG on an 11 handed table, so I didn't really know what to do with it. Since it was early I decided to limp, mistake #1. It gets folded around to the SB who completes for T25, and the BB makes a min raise to T100 total. I thought about repopping it but I was okay playing my AA against 3 players and a min raise. If a few more limpers had tagged along I would have popped it back up to T400 and tried to end it there. I call and see a flop of J73, and its checked to me. I decide to bet T200 into the T300 pot, it gets called by both of the blinds. The turn is a blank and I decide to bet around T600 leaving me with T500 behind. The SB mucks and I was expecting the BB to muck until I hear the scariest words of the tournament, "I'm All In". I add the pot up and its about T1400 and it only takes me another T300 to call, I was hoping he had AJ or worst case turned 2 pair. I call and he flips over pocket Jacks and I'm drawing to 2 outs that don't come. I felt a sense of calm after the hand was over because I knew it wasn't meant to be. I also knew even though I played the hand horribly, there was no way to avoid going broke on it, as he would of pushed with JJ preflop if I reraised him.

I threw my last T200 in with 55 and managed to suck out on MIKEJ with a 5 on the turn against his pair of Kings, putting me at T600. I was down to T550 I think when I was dealt AQ in EP and decided to raise to T200, the player on my immediate left reraised all in for his last T500 and a late position player called that, I was getting the right price to race so I shoved in and flipped my AQ vs 99 vs A8s. A nine hit the flop and I was sent to the rail. Those 3 hands sum up my WSOP playing experience! I did enjoy sweating Scottwire and meeting Dan from PSO, who I hung out with for most of the day.

Busting was a blessing in disguise because, I managed to drink at Bodog's open bar, meet Daniel Negreanu, Pauly, AlCantHang, and Change100. I was able to sweat Gracie as she look a horrendous beat with her AK vs AJ. I think the Mark was holding his own in the tournament, but I missed DoubleAs. I ended the night meeting up with a few friends I haven't seen in a few years at NYNY hotel as well, I will pick up my next post with a recap of the drunken debauchery cash games, and PURE nightclub.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Wow what a Trip!

I will not be able to put in words the amount of fun and debauchery I had within a 48 hour time frame that will give it any justice. I will do my best to recap the poker moments and non poker moments equally but I make no promises.

My trip started with me getting held up at the U.S, border because I forgot consider the wait time. I managed to get through the lineup about 1.5 hours behind schedule so I had to book it down the highway to get to the Detroit airport for my 8pm flight. I managed to get to the airport with 1 hour to spare, just enough time to get a start on the poker book I was going to read on the way to Vegas.

I arrived at the Gold Coast around 10pm feeling really tired, check in went smooth as I attempted to hit on the reception clerk who was very cute. This seems to be my trademark move these days but this time it actually worked! I take the winding path through the gaming area, attempting not to get sucked in, to the elevator that took me up to the top floor. I get to my room and I managed to get a suite that had two rooms, 42” Plasma, wet bar, 32 LCD TV, marble everything and plush carpets. I blame my charm/not hearing the word no, in securing the upgrade, especially since I only paid $40/night.

After taking a few pictures on the room to show everybody what $40 can get you in Vegas, I was off to meet some of the bloggers that were floating around looking to gamboool it up. I met Veneno at The Orleans and had a quick drink before WeakPlayer and Soxlover showed up. Penner42 ended up showing up with a few bowling balls and wanted to go bowling. I was pretty tired at this point from the jet lag and ended up declining the bowl-a-thon but from the rumor’s I hear Veneno kicked Penner42’s ass. So I called it a night and left back to my hotel to get some sleep for my WSOP event the following day at noon.

I didn’t get much sleep as I was up by about 6am Vegas time, my time was still messed up but I decided to get up and walk around the RIO to check out what was going on at the WSOP before I met up with MIKEJ from PokerSourceOnline.com and Scottwire, DuggleBogey, and King Lucky from the forum. Scottwire also won a seat to the same event and managed to make the money! Mike was gracious enough to treat us all to the buffet at the RIO and is really the class act that I would imagine after seeing PSO’s great service.

I will pick up this post from the WSOP and my 45 minutes of fame tomorrow.


thanks for all the support guys, I just got access to internet today. I will post a more detail trip report tonight. It will envolve some serious chokage and poker greatness.

Stay tuned and sorry for lack of updates.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Reload Time

I was able to send FiancéRun off to have drinks with her friends last night after we looked at a hall for our upcoming wedding. This meant that I had 2.5 hours of poker debauchery before she would be home from the bar. I only had a couple of things to do that would take time away from my playing, water the grass and eat. So I set up my sprinkler on the front lawn and sat down at 4 NL50 tables on party to work off the $100 reload bonus. I was talking in PSO chat with Dekar who will be coming out with another challenge shortly and says it will have him playing at some pretty high stakes, so stay tuned and keep checking his blog out for updates.

The play at this levels is just atrocious so the variance can be high in the 1000 hands it takes to clear the bonus. I always step down a level when I'm on party to ensure that my variance goes down. I'm more than willing to give up potentially winning more money at a higher level because of the decreased variance. I cleared just over 500 hands and felt like I was in the zone. I was folding in marginal situations and getting my money in when I knew I was ahead. I did run JJ into AA but managed to suck out for a $72 pot :). I didn't feel bad at all because that one hand just makes up for all the times that I got my money in with the best of it and lost on my other tables. I was able to win on 4/5 tables that I played in the night, and grinded out a nice $148 profit. I can't wait to run my hands through poker tracker and see that 90% of my high pocket pairs held up and my bluffs were mostly well timed. I did manage to tilt a table when I reraised 4 limpers with the hammer, only one called and I made a big bet into him and he debated for a while before folding and my flashing the hammer. The chat after that was classic!

Also, my fiance got home on time as expected and asked me if I have been watering the front grass for 2.5 hours, I said oppps!! She then asked me what I ate, oppps!!! the life of a degenerate is tough :)

I will finish up my raked hands either tonight or tomorrow so this will probably be my last post till I get back from Vegas unless I can hijack a computer while I'm down there to post an update. If I win my event ill just buy a laptop to make a post :).

Until I return, may the river not drown you!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

WSOP Training

I decided to have a WSOP training day last night, I hadn't played many MTT's since the league ended and I felt I was probably going to be rusty. I decided to go on PSO chat and recruit someone to keep me motivated to play solid and to play a few tournaments throughout the night. Dekar was nice enough to jump into a bunch with me, he didn't care the buy in or site so that made things easier. We chatted back and fourth and decided on:

Titan @ 7:30: 6max $10+1
Titan @ 8:00: $1000 Guaranteed $5+1
Absolute @ 8:00: $20
PokerRoom @ 9:00: $20,000 Guaranteed $20

Starting today I will keep track of all my tournaments played and count them towards my challenge to make $1000 from tourneys over the next few months, I don't play a lot of them so a long time period is needed.
The first tournament at Titan started off great, I had a top 15 stack for the most part until I picked up AA and raised it up from MP, the guy on my left insta pushes and has me covered, I call and he flips A7s. I was pretty happy to see that junk until the flop came with 2 of his suit, and next thing you know I'm on the rail wondering how do you make a play like that and get rewarded(a theme for most of the night).

Next up was the Titan $5+1, I chipped up early but managed to get short stacked near the bubble and couldn't steal enough blinds and punish the bubble. I don't remember too many hands from this event but I manage to squeak into the money.

In the $20 Absolute event I started slow but caught fire with in a few hands and managed to double, then double again to build a respectable stack. This tournament I actually had a stack I could throw around at the bubble and I was playing higher variance poker. I got rivered for a big pot during the final 2 tables and got knocked down to a short stack, but I managed to nurse it into a final table appearance and finished 5th. One guy at the final table had 70% of the chips in play and managed to knock everyone one out single handily, it was quite sick cause he wasn't very good.

Lastly, the 20k guaranteed started off with a bang, on the first hand I look down at JJ and raise 6x the BB to 60 and I get reraised to 100 and one caller so I push, its a rebuy/addon tournament and I get called by both players. One flips up 109o and the other 88 and I triple up. After that hand I only played my good hands and chipped up slowly and steadily until I had a top 25 stack out of the 594 players that started playing. Top 70 paid and with about 100 left I once again lost my bubble power when I ran my 15k stack into a 7k stack with AQ vs A7, he reraised my 3k raise all in for another 4k, I am going to call with anything at that point and he gets rewarded by hitting his 3 outer and I'm back to fighting with a short stack to make the bubble. I play well short so its not a big deal, I'm patient enough to push my edges and position so I steal enough to stay afloat and the bubble bursts. I doubled up shorty after and had my stack up to 25k with 50 players left. It was now real late in my terms, 12:30 am and I have to be up for work at 7am. I made a couple steal attempts that got reraised that I had to let go and was down to 20k when I picked up QJs in LP, I raised it to 6k with blinds 1k/2k and got called by the guy who hit his 3 outer on me, flop come K high and he checks to me, I bet out 7k and get reraised all in. I fold I curse at myself for a stupid play and I go to bed pissed after a few hands later I push with A2 trying to steal and run up against the Hilton sisters.

Looking at the QJs hand again, I was probably behind but not by much, I had enough invested that even if I was up against a medium pair I had the odds to call. I hate everything about the play and my only excuse is fatigue, If I get called again in that situation again I will take the free card and see what happens, It would of left me with 15k and a little bit of fold equity vs the 8k after a failed CB.

All in all, my game is back. I was able to knock the rust off and put in 4 solid showing so I feel great going into the WSOP. Now I just need to hit a few hands and see what happens. I am going to try to do a tournament night one night a week, so if any others are available Monday/Tuesdays are the best days for me, except next week.


Titan @ 7:30: 6max $10+1 134/194
Titan @ 8:00: $1000 Guaranteed $5+1 27/215 $8
Absolute @ 8:00: $20 5/111 $131
PokerRoom @ 9:00: $20,000 Guaranteed $20 41/594 $85

Monday, July 03, 2006

Long Weekend

Well its Canada Day weekend and its great to be off work on Monday. I don't really have anything special planned other than housework/gardening. I'm in the process of finishing my basement and adding a second bathroom downstairs, and luckily I don't know anything about that stuff and pay people to do it for me. I've only played a $33 SNG on Party and bubbled after taking two pretty bad beats, AA vs 1010 and A10 vs K10 (both all in preflop). I played really well so that's the main thing and I'm feeling confident in my game heading into the WSOP.

I have to goals before I play in the WSOP:

1. Finish reading Harrington on Holdem 2
2. Finish reading Caro: Book of Tells and return it to BrianSterling on PSO.

I figure if I can get through those it will add a couple percentage points of knowledge that I could be able to draw on in specific situations. I plan on either busting in the first 3 levels or having a stack. So if you here about me getting knocked out early it will be from me gambling to try to accumulate some chips. The event will start with 40 BB per player (1000 in chips) with blinds at 25/25 for the first hour. By the time level 2 comes along you will have 20 BB and not very much room to maneuver if you haven't got any chips. It should be a crapshoot at best during the first day.