Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bad Month

I set a goal at the beginning of the month to play 28 hours of poker and make $400 from poker play alone. I had one bad day last Sunday when I lost $235 trying to clear the Party reload bonus, and I only played 200 hands. I will continue tonight to play my remaining hands in order to get the bonus and cut down my loss a bit but I am not too happy about losing that much in an hour.

I have currently made $205 this month from poker in 19 hours of playing time. My table hours will be closer to 60 which is the key to playing part time, you need to play more tables to make it worthwhile. I've managed to clear around $700 this month in miscellaneous bonuses, referrals, but no rakeback yet. I should get a nice start to next month on the bonus front because of the mansion bonus where I have locked in a profit of atleast $1000 and it could jump up to $2000 if Pittsburgh manages to cover. That should bring my bankroll to 11k - 12kish for a short time period before I cash out some.

My other Idea is to let the extra 1k ride if Pittsburgh wins by sitting at a 5/10 NL table and taking a shot. I think its a very stupid idea but it might be fun to say I lost or won a grand in one night playing way above my head. I would probably set up a PSO chat night and let the railers know my cards so they can witness the good the bad and the ugly. Ill keep you posted on what I decide.

I'm also off to Los Angeles and San Francisco this Sunday for my company's world conference. We are renting a convertable to drive up from LA to SF on the coast. It should be a great trip and I will have lots of stories I'm sure. This also means no updates from Sept 3 - 9th. So just in case this is my last post I will leave you with the best pick up line of all time.

My buddy turns to a girl at the bar and with a straight face says:

"I drive pro go carts"

The girl doesn't know what to say since he is in a shirt and tie so he follows up with:

"they go pretty fast"

At this point shes laughing and he still has a stright face, he gets her number in under 45 mins.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mansion Hedge

As most of you heard by now Mansion sportbook has Lost their mind -- I normally don't get too excited over sportsbook offers, but this one was too good to not mention. Mansion is kicking off the NFL Season with a Bang! They are offering a risk free $1100 bet on the Steelers opener against Miami. If the Steelers win by 5, you win $1000. If they don't win by 5, then you get your $1100 back. If you don't feel like taking them up on their freeroll, you can place another wager at a another sportsbook like Pinnacle Sports on Miami to lock in a $400+ profit regardless of who wins. Click here for more details on the bet including the hedge for a guaranteed profit.

You should go through PokerSavvy to make your Mansion account for an extra $90.

Then CLICK HERE to open your Pinnacle sports account as per the instructions regarding the Hedge.

Goodluck and drop me a message if you opened a Pinnacle account through me for a special bonus if you lose the bet.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Random Crap

I still haven't been able to get Rakeback set up with Empire yet, the guy I'm dealing with is way to busy and his customer service sucks to I'm getting a bit worried that it won't come through. Party decided to pull the Gammon bonus out of my account and many others. I agree with them but it just sucks to lose $100 not at a poker table. I decided to get my feet wet at the NL200 level by playing one table last night and it was a success. There are still a lot of bad players at this level and even more weak tight players that I will be able to exploit if the circumstances are correct. I will add another table my next session and see how that goes for a couple weeks before adding the 3rd or 4th. If I do manage to get a decent rakeback deal I should be able to make an extra $2000 per year on top of any winnings and bonuses from other sites.

I'm still on track for my new goal I set of $400 per month from poker alone, I'm currently at $387 with one week left in the month and only 15 hours of actual play. I'm currently running at 6.5PTBB/100 which is slightly higher than what I have averaged throughout the year. I am very pleased with my play and watching cardrunner video's is helping me think though scenarios better and pick up on weakness by reraising more often. Reraising is the biggest thing I have learned from cardrunners, I used to call more often and that is -EV. I now know where I'm at and constantly put the decision on others when I'm in a hand with them. I can't wait to watch more cash game video's to really take things to the next level.

I just thought of this: - no idea where it came from

Its crazy how surgical I think about poker now compared to when I first started playing over 1.5 years ago. I now evaluate how much I can with based on BB/100, hours/week, table hours, multitabling, continuation betting, positional raises, protecting my button, opponent hand ranges, pot equity, implied odds, weak-tight opponents, LAG's, calling stations, short stacks, fold equity, etc. Its amazing how much you learn about this game in a short period of time if you put the time into reading hand histories, books, advice, and forum's. With this knowledge it becomes almost automatic to extract money out of the small stakes that most of us play. It's going to get even more crazy as I progress up limits and try to make "x" amount of money next year. I have a goal in mind already for next year that I will keep to myself because I want to see how this next limit goes, but if it goes well look out NL400!!!

I wrote the last tangent to help everyone who reads this to focus on your game, your oppenents and your table. If your not thinking like this (or something similar) and only playing your cards you will never consistently beat the game and be able to move up limits. I know most bloggers are obbessed like I am and do think about this, but many other players that you see just going through the motions do not and will never move up and make money at this game.

Keep the focus, and kill, kill, kill!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Uneventful Weekend

I managed to not play a single hand of poker all weekend and didn't even miss it! I went camping friday night, had a BBQ out of town on Saturday, and visited my parents Sunday. This also puts me behind on my goal of playing 7 hours per week. I am currently 7 hours behind and if I don't get my act together this week I will be really, really far behind next week.

I do have an excuse to throw out there on my lack of play. I have been waiting for Empire rakeback and it looks like it will be happening this week. The gammon bonus also threw me off because I had to withdraw all my money from Party to ensure I recieved the bonus.

Once I do get the rakeback set up I will try to play 4 tables of NL200 to maximize my rakeback and take a shot at a new level. I will be willing to lose a maximum of $1000 at the new level or 5 buy ins. This could happen very quickly because I'm 4 tabling but I think its about time to move up from the sand box that is NL100. I can blame the guys at PSO for a kick in the ass to make this move, they have been bugging me lately as I always play NL100 with 90x the buy in for it. It actually sounds pathetic typing that when I know the guideline is 20x the buy in.

Once I get the rakeback deal and I get paid for the first month I will post details on it so anyone can take advantage of it. I will be on the virtual felt tonight so look for me at Party if you want to see some donktastic suckouts!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fun with Google

I had some fun with google today while I was bored at work. Its quite interesting what people can write about you in message boards all over the world. I was able to see one of my screen names take a pot off someone in another language, im not sure which one but I played the hand very well, and it wasn't a suckout. So go ahead and google your screenames and click the cached view of the results on google so it highlites your name to make it easier to find.

Here are my last 10 seaches of how people found my blog:

dekar poker
(Google) - Im not sure who this donkey is but I guess he plays 6max

cash game poker winnings tracking (Google) - I like to track my winnings, I'm an ex banker

poker niagara falls report (Google) - This was a classic post

negreanu standup
(Google) - It was pretty funny

how much is bottle service at pure nightclub (Google) - Im a baller!!

(Google) - you got the wrong person

Dan Rye (Google) - WTF?

"actyper" wife (Google) - the best one yet, the cats out of the bag, im doing actyper's wife!! ;)

how do you stay patient in a poker tournament with blinds that are rising fast (Google) - I am pretty patient

poker variance (Google) - I don't really know much about this, slow and steady wins the race

My top 5 referrers are:

Thanks guys for the traffic, trust me the world will be a better place if they don't read this blog though!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Poker Stars

After I cashed out of Party because of the backgammon bonus, the only site I have money is Pokerstars. So I decided to fire up a couple tournaments tonight so kill some time. Is the play ever awful there, It's so bad It's not good for my heart or my ability to avoid tilting. I am normally pretty calm at the table but when I take a terrible beat on the river to end a tournament I was playing solid in just kills me. If it was your normal bad beat I would be ok with it, it wasn't statistically bad either.

Blinds are 50/100 and MP limps, I have the button so I pop it 4x the BB to 400 with QJs to try and pick up the pot, and only MP calls. Flop comes Q 7 3 rainbow, and MP pushes for 25xBB, I don't beleive he has anything so I make a quick call. He flips over 93s for a pair of threes, 9 kicker. I then watch the river reward him with a 9 for 2 pair. Now this guy is sitting with 2x average and im sure will just donate his chips to some other donkey. He just put me out when I pushed my last 300 in with a7 vs his a3s. I love donkey's.

I'm sitting at an average stack in the 10+1 still, 123/315. It started with 656 runners so I will see if my luck is any different in my other tourney. ill keep you posted.

Sorry about the rant but i needed to get it out to focus on my other tournament.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I just finished the PartyGammon promotion that everyone is raving about!! I was able to finish it on my account as well as my Fiancé's account, one of the perks of a relationship. :) Since I made $196 in a matter of 14 matches ( 45 mins), I decided to blow some on a subscription to CardRunners to take my cash game to the next level and build the confidence I need to move up limits to the NL200 level over the next couple months to really start the cash flow a flown'. They also have a rake back program that they endorse that will be higher than anything else I have been offered, and its at Empire so I do not have to pay a friend off to get it.

I will keep you updated on what kind of value there is in a program like Cardrunners, I only joined for a month so I will have to download all the videos so I can watch them all before I cancel my membership only if I do not think renewing has value.

I will be on the virtual felt tonight so hit me up on girlie chat or the PokerSourceOnline chat room to track me down for a donkament or two.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I was only able to manage a couple hours on my old faithful, Party Poker this weekend. I noticed a few things that I do not like about the players at the NL100 level. First off when did they learn how to raise more than the normal 4x the BB?, this used to be the staple raise amount, 3-4x the BB no matter how many limpers. Now i'm seeing guys bet 5-6x perflop which makes it a very marginal call with low pocket pairs if they are at all short stacked. I have combated this play by calling with big PP's enstead of repopping them. I have yet to figure out a way to extract enough money with my small PP's if I hit a set, so I have been folding most of them unless theres another caller.

I hope a reload comes soon so the sharks can go and hide in the increased tables and leave me the fish, but if they don't I will have to keep tweaking my game in order to keep up my win rate.

Has anyone else noticed the increase bet sizes?
Is there a better way to combat them or should I wait and pick a better spot?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Blahs

As most of you know the WSOP champion was crowed this morning! Jamie Gold battled four times as many people shown in the picture to take home the 12 million dollar first prize. He played like an absolute mad man at the final table and played big stack poker to a tea. I wasn't able to view it live but reading the hand history's made me want to be there. I think I will try to qualify for the ME next year, i'm not sure how much I am willing to spend to qualify just yet but $500-$1000 would probably be the right price to try my luck box skills at a higher level. Atleast I know I can't do any worse than this year.

My Goal is curently going well, the amount of time I can put in is the only thing slowing me down right now. I will have to dedicate a lot of time this weekend to get back to my 7 hour/week pace I want to keep. If I don't get caught up I will just do a couple late night sessions next week and sleep at my job to compensate.

I'm still working on getting rakeback for Party Poker, I will be paying a colleague to set up an account I think to make sure everything is legit.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! May your ducks quack loud!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Cold Hard Truth

Since I have started my new goal of playing so many hours of poker and not worrying about bonus chasing to help pad my stats its been a real eye opener. I have a renewed focus that wasn't there when I was bonus chasing and basically playing like a robot because it didn't matter if I missed a bet or paid someone off because there was always the bonus money to fall back on. I some how made myself believe that bonuses were poker profit. In reality they are a crutch that many a player hold on too to say they are a winning player.

In my year and a half online poker career I have yet to play one cash came with out a bonus in mind. I whored myself out to build a roll and I succeeded greatly at that task. I have been a winning player from the beginning but I guarantee I wasn't as good as I thought I was and I'm sure many people reading this aren't as good as they think they are because of inflated numbers. Its like playing with a loaded bat in baseball, if you were to hit 80 HR's with one but could only hit 30 without one are you really the superstar you and everyone else believes??

I feel a new sensation when I sit at the tables now, its one on a new beginning and it brings back the nervousness from when I first started this game not knowing if I would succeed or fail and go broke. Over the last year I have let that go because I thought I proved myself as a winning player, but if I'm nervous about playing without a bonus, I must not of thoroughly convinced myself.

I will continue to track my progress separately of all bonuses and see what happens. I truly do feel naked because if I fail and start losing I will have to quit this game. On the other hand if I succeed and my game improves because of this new found focus I know ill be ready to move up with full confidence because I know I do not have to rely on bonuses to make a decent chunk of change from this pastime.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Goals II

I figured I would update my Progress on my goal of withdrawing $400 per month,

Day 1 - ($55) 6 Table Hours
Day 2 - $205 7 Table Hours
Day 3 - ($6) 4 Table Hours
$144 17 Table Hours or close to 17 BB/100 over 850 hands

My goal is 28 Table hours hopefully 4 tabling NL100 per week which equates to a measly $140/week minimum.

I will resume with Day 4 tonight, and hopefully not drop too many buy ins.

I am hoping for a win rate around 10 BB/100 so I am running hot right now.

This will give me enough to pay off the wedding and still have a 10k bankroll one year from now. Rake back and bonuses will be pure cake to help me get to next years WSOP and play in another event if I do not win my way in. It's also time to throw out my 10k goal by December because I have already made that much but with withdraws my bankroll never officially hit it.

I am going to keep track of my poker winnings from August 1, 2006 till July 1, 2007. I will keep bonuses/referral payments/rake back totally separate to ensure I do not hide behind those numbers which I'm sure will rival my poker earnings.

My first goal will be to make $7000 from purely poker cash game winnings by July 1, 2007. My secondary goal is to be able to withdraw $400 per month which will mean I will only be able to grow my bankroll with bonuses and rake back plus surplus monthly winnings which will force me to play well in the few hours I play per week.

The best way for me to set up tracking this information will be to put it up on my sidebar with total numbers for the 11 months I will be tracking.

Tables Hours: 17
Actual Hours: 5
Poker Winnings: $144
Bonus/Rakeback: $0

Total Withdrawals: $0

I will also leave you with a picture from Pure night club in Vegas, this was taken from our table since we had bottle service. This was one of the Pussy Cat dolls that performed!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I have neglected my blog over the past week, I still have many stories a I want to talk about but it seems like the last thing I want to do is write. I have been busier at work over the past week and just signed a huge account that will keep me busy for the next year or so. I still plan on posting about my Las Vegas trip so bear with me. I have also started a challenge in terms of time at the table. I told my Fiance that I would withdraw $400 per month from my account if I made money or lost money that month. In return I get to play 7 hours of ring games per week to accomplish this goal. I probably play on average 3-4 hours per week now and this will keep me focused on a time goal as well as a monetary goal. If I dont want my bankroll depleted I better get on my horse and make some money.

So far I am down $55 in my first hour and a half. :(

I will post about Pure along with some pics and the rest of my cash games when I am in the mood sometime this week.