Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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Cardrunners.com Review

Cardrunners Review

Feel free to register as a guest for free on the Cardrunners site by clicking the above video and then the "join" button. The sample videos are in the right hand column and there are three videos to choose from. Cardrunners now has a cardrunners referrer code: freetrial to get your first 7 days of membership as a free trial.

I've decided to update my Cardrunners Review since a lot has changed in the year and a half I have been a member. Cardrunners recently secured a deal with Full Tilt Poker giving all the Cardrunners main instructors red pro status on FTP. Cardrunners has just surpassed 10,000 members and have over 650 videos available to download.

The biggest question I get asked is...Is Cardrunners worth it? This is always an easy question to answer. Yes! Since I've joined 1.5 years ago my winrate has climbed to a respectable 5 PTBB/100 at NL100 and NL200. When I joined Cardrunners.com I was playing NL25 and NL50 and made an investment into my poker future. It was tough making the poker site transfer for the first time not knowing what I would get out of it but I look back now and think of it as my poker career turning point. I went from grinding out bonuses to not even needing a bonus to make serious money at this game we all love.

The videos themselves are all made by top pros that are beating the high stakes games and limits range from small stakes to high stakes games so they do cater to players of all ranges. They have just come out with a small stakes guide that is worth the price of admission right off the bat. It's meant to give smaller stakes player the basic fundamentals that work at all levels thus empowering players to move up limits as their bankrolls dictate.

Cardrunners does suffer from the odd quality control issue when their videos are out of sync with the audio. This can be annoying when its a video you really want to watch. You can usually come back in a few days to re download them if there are enough complaints from the members. The video rating system works pretty well for issues like that.

As you can tell I'm a pretty big believer in the Cardrunners product as I have been a member for 1.5 years and just renewed for 6 months. I think it is a necessary investment if you want to move up levels and make serious money at the poker tables.

If you have anymore questions, post in the comments and I will answer them directly in more detail.

Below is my graph since I started applying what I have learned from Cardrunners. I am a part time player and "only" played 30,000 hands since September, 2007 but as you can see from the results, Cardrunners has paid for itself many times over! This graph does not include bonus/rakeback or MTTs.

Cardrunners Review

Monday, September 25, 2006

100th Post

I know, I know, I know, I have been neglecting this here blog for the last month or so. In my defense, which is the only side you are going to get, I have been busy travelling, working hard at my real job, and pretty much taking some time off from this beautiful addicting game we call poker.

I plan on tackling two issues today, the PSO league and my subscription to cardrunners.com.

First off the new PSO league is starting with a much different set of rules this time around. They will use your best 5 out of 8 finishes, and there will be a formula that takes into account the number of players participating in a tournament to give points out for finishes. These two small changes will have a high impact on the eventual winner of the league this time around.

The shorter schedule and weighted scoring system will put a premium on the first few tournaments. My prediction is the eventual winner will have 3 out of his first 4 tournaments count. The largest number of players will be in the first few tournaments before the masses realize that there is no chance to for them to finish high so they quit playing in them. My strategy will be to play a tighter game in the first few and loosening up as the tournaments go on. I will be willing to take more of a risk for a higher finish later in the season, becuase anything less than a great finish won't count because of the drop off in players playing. I also think once you get to the top 30 of the first, normally largest field, tournament you should tighten up and not loosen up as I would of last year. In the first one, each position higher will mean a lot more than the last tournament.

This is a pretty general strategy and I will see how it goes, it should atleast make you guys think about what the new rule changes effect in terms of strategy. I will most likely switch gears against opponents who have played me in the past to keep them on their toes. My prediction for this league is that I finish in the top 15 with no hope of finishing top 5.

I have to leave for a showing and I don't have time to write about cardrunners. I will write very very soon. JL you can add that to the list of my excuses of why I do not post anymore.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

PSO League

Yes you heard it hear last a new and improved PSO league has arrived. I was forced to post today by JL who threatened me to keep my posts up. I do have some good excuses though, a week in San Francisco and work has kept me pretty busy since my return. I haven't played a hand of poker in over 2.5 weeks now. :( Atleast I know I could kick the habit if it ever came down to it.

I'm really looking forward to playing the league again. I have neglected my tournament game and this will help my focus going forward. I do not like my chance of finishing in the top 5 again this time around, I will go for a top 10 finish and see if I can get lucky and cash at the end of the eight tournies. I promise I will play some poker this week and report back something a little bit more meaningful.

My next post will be a refresher course on how to do well in the PSO league with its new rules and shorter schedule. It will also mark my 100th post which is quite the accomplishment for me since I hate writing and suck at it.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Affiliates Suck

Affiliates Suck!!!

Here is the list of people that I got credit for. If you are not on that list I didn't get credit for you placing a bet. I know of Guin and now Ahitz that don't appear on this list. If there are any more of you please let me know. If you think you should be attached to my affiliate ID, please email david@pinnaclesports.com and cc:ryan.gervais@cbre.com and let him and I know at the same time. Thanks for you patience in this matter and I hope it will get sorted out.

Player..........Avg. Bet

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Im Baaack!

I just got back from San Francisco. Great trip I will post more about it tomorrow. I am trying to get caught up on my bets and getting my money back for poker. Thanks to all those that signed up through me for Pinnacle for the hedge. I will post a list of names and get back to you with a way to get you some cash back!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Mansion Hedge

It looks like everything is all set for the Pittsburgh vs Miami bet at Mansion and Pinnacle. See post below for exactly how to place the bet correctly. It is currently not being offered at Mansion until the last preseason games are over so you will have to place the bet on Monday or Tuesday depending on time zones. Once all the dust settles the most I could possible win if Pittsburgh covers is $2500 and if Miami wins I will win closer to $1000. This is the best bet in sports entertainment history so jump on it if you have some spare cash.

I would also like to thanks all the people that went through my links for either Pinnacle or PokerSavvy. If you go through me for the hedge and that bet loses I think I will be able to get you another $25 through any poker room of your choice. Some have left comments so I know who you are and will track down the rest I'm sure.

My next post will be Sept 10th so I wish you good luck at the tables and may Pittsburgh cover the spread!!!!

I also updated where I finished the month on my sidebar, I had a good night last night to salvage an okay month of poker and a great month including bonuses.