Wednesday, November 29, 2006

State of the Nation

I finally got to play a couple hours of poker last night and all in all it was a resounding BLAH! I played a total of 4 Table Hours of NL200 which netted me a loss of $30 after being stuck close to $150 by making second best hands. I also sat at a .02/.04 LHE table on Ladbrokes with $800. It was quite funny seeing the reactions to that and then them noticing I didn't care about calling there .04 value bet on the river with 9 high. I actually made a buck at that table which I think was good considering my VP$IP was 80%.

I haven't had the motivation I once had to play poker on a more regular basis. The Booya Poker Night in Canada League is keeping me busy on Tuesday nights but that's the only appointment poker I play right now. I'm sitting in 4th with MathP, and Actyper ahead of me. I have 10% of both their action so I am in line for a $500 - $800 pay day in a few weeks once that league ends. I promised myself if I make $1000 from the Booya League that I will sit down with $1000 at a NL1000 table and take a shot. I'm sure ill P*ssy out but I want to try and I am considering this free money because I haven't really played well to deserve it so far.

My bankroll is climbing slow and steadily since my last cash out two months ago. I'm playing about 20 hours a month and making around $600 from poker and bonuses. This is a decent side income and will eventually pay for my honeymoon or other expenses that come up along the way. Its nothing too exciting but until I bear down and focus on getting the hours in ill be stuck at NL200 for the bulk of 2007, which isn't a bad thing but I just don't see myself moving up until I get to 10k, which at this rate will be July 2007 at the earliest.

If any of you readers out there have ideas on how I can make sure I play more than 20 hours a month I would love to hear about it. I probably have 40 hours a month worth of time but I decide to chat in the PSO chat room, read blogs, and generally waste time instead of playing. Its kind of like university again where I would clean my room, chat with the guys and play video games in order not to study for my exams. I need to get out of this funk.

Get R' Done

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Fold is a four Letter Word. Murph72 decided to take the time to post a folding article. I don't think its talked about enough so go check it out!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Folding is something rarely talked about in the blogosphere. I'm not sure if people don't want to talk about showing weakness and making weak plays but I think it deserves some attention. In many situations folding is the only option, I'm not going to talk about these situations but rather the marginal situation we find ourselves in on a nightly basis as we go about our business. And yes, I do look at my nightly poker as a business where I'm looking to increase my ROI and keep my shareholders (read: fiancé) happy. In business the buzzword has been to cut costs to improve the bottom line, in poker I fold to improve my bottom line and it increases my profits in return.

The next example is a one off case and doesn't lend any actual meat to my argument but does prove a small point. I pick up 1010 at a FR NL100 game on Party last night and there is a 4x raise then a minraise to 8x total. I know I am behind and make a marginal fold. I could play for set value but if I call I do not want it repopped by the original raiser. Flop comes 1044, and they both get all in ( I would of flopped the boat ). Turn X, River Q, Winner flips QQ and I save my stack. I'm glad I folded as I knew I was behind and saved getting two outted on the river. Not a big deal, lets move on.

The situations I'm talking about are when you flop a "good hand" and you bet and get resistance. So it's a small pot and we have top pair middle kicker in an unraised pot, with a potential flush out. We bet out and get called. We check and the person over bets the pot with a blank turn. If we call we might be up against a better kicker/better hand. And we won't know where we are at. We could be up against a flush draw that is playing his hand fast. No matter what this pot is escalating quickly and at best it would be a marginal call, and the river could really scare us if it completes the flush or a card comes that is higher than our kicker. It's an easy fold situation even though I put our odds at 50/50 to win. I'm always looking for a reason to fold a hand that "could" be beat. Don't get me wrong I also look to pounce on weakness with any two, but I save more money by folding in these situations then I make by calling.

NOTE: The above hand was just one at the top of my head, there are many better situations but I wanted to get the concept across not the specific situation.

The moral of my post is that there will always be better situations when you know you are ahead and since we are playing 200 hands an hour they will be there sooner rather than later. I have maintained a 5PTBB/100 win rate at any level I have played with this concept in mind. It's not as exciting as LAG poker but you need to look at the long run in these situations because you know that you will be getting someone all in as a 60/40 favourite soon enough. I was told by MathP that I play a zero variance brand of poker, and he's right because I am always looking to make sure my money goes in ahead. Is it exciting? No, but it builds the bankroll. My VP$IP is also dropping so I will look at that and how it has affected my game soon enough, I'm at 15% VP$IP at FR NL200.

Could the other bloggers that read this make a post on folding...I would love to read more about saving bets/picking better spots in NL. I only say this because I believe I am the worst writer on the web and would love to hear someone else write about this that drives the point home even more.

See you all at the Booya League tonight!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Full Moon Last Night?

I started my day of yesterday by sending a email to Party complainging about the reload bonus they gave me this month, $5!! I said if they wanted my business back from Full Tilt Poker that thye better do better than that. So they quickly responded with 20% up to $100, 5x RH. Can you say free money?? Now with this new reload I decided to play 30 minutes at NL100, I didnt want to play higher because I didn't have more time.

Here is where the full moon comes in. I pick 4 random tables and fire up poker tracker with GT+. One table has a VP$IP of over 50%, one other about 45% with 3 players over 70%. What normally happens when this situation comes up is that you hope to get cards, never do and they bust you with K7o. I had the perfect storm happen at one table within 15 minutes.

Hand 1: Donkey 1 VP$IP of 80% after 15 hands. I have 2 pair after flop reraise him, he folds. Never slowplay donkey's because they will think your a bully and play back at you eventually.

Hand 2: Donkey 1, 3 hands later. I have AK raise 3 limpers, just donkey calls. Flop K high. He bets 20% of pot into me, I raise up to pot. He calls. Turn is a blank, He check raises me all in, I insta call and his KJ is no good. Too bad he only had half a stack.

Hand 3: Donkey 2 VP$IP of 70% after 20 hands (180BB Stack vs My 150BB Stack). 3 Limpers, I limp behind with 88, he raises 5x, I call OOP. Flop 810Q. I check raise him, he calls. Turn is a blank. I bet out $25ish into a $35 pot he pushes, I insta call, even with the potential straight out there. He flips Q9 for top pair and a gut shot, river Ace, ship the $300+ pot. It always makes me wonder how he got a near double stack in the first place.

I lost a bit on the other tables so I only booked a $140 win in 30 minutes at NL100. I'm actually getting scared because I know a downstreak is coming, hopefully I can minimize its impact once it starts be recognizing it early...I think that might be flawed logic though.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Motivation, I need some

I'm looking forward to getting in some hands tonight, I haven't played in a week and i'm going into withdraw from not being one card away from hitting my draw. I plan on playing an hour or two of NL200 at Full Tilt aloung with the Booya Poker Night in Canada League where I currently sit in 4th place. If you haven't signed up for Booya yet, use the link below (3 posts down) and I'll get them to ship $10 over to you, which is enough to play in the first tournament.

My Goal of making $2000 before Christmas is not going so hot, I'm only up $400 or so after only 2000 hands but I'm just not getting in enough hands to take a real run at it. I'm running at a solid 5PTBB/100 at my new limit which I believe is sustainable with the way I'm playing and adapting to the higher limit. The most tables I have played is 3, so adding a fourth will be imperative to hitting the 2k before Christmas, not including bonuses, etc.

I have also added a new sponsor on the right side on this here blog, I will post a review of what they offer in the coming days but until them check them out for any new sites you haven't played at or didn't know the bonus code to.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I have been working like a dog over the past week and have neglected this blog. I have been playing the odd cash game and a select few donkaments at Booya Poker but nothing major. I don't have too much else to say, my life isn't too exciting right now. :( I'm drywalling my basement this weekend so my house will be a diaster therefore no poker for me. I dropped to fourth in the Booya League when a luckbox knocked me and everyone else out going in as the underdog. I will try to make a more meaningful post sunday, until then try not to get rivered.

Friday, November 03, 2006


All my Canadian Readers have to support these guys. They are part of the Tribeca
Network and have amazing exclusive tournaments for their own players. Just check out the league standings below and the corresponding Prize pool...can you say +EV. If you are Canadian and play poker you have to support these guys. They also have $5 CPT satellites for a $1000 entry, and only 13 players signed up!

PNIC League 1 - Started October 24th but it's not too late to join, Round 3 goes November 7th. The more players the more points you can win!
PokerNight in Canada is a BooyaPoker weekly poker league, here are the details.

Multiple PokerNight in Canada leagues will run throughout the year

Each league will be 8 weeks long with a tournament every Tuesday night for 8 weeks.

Buy-in for each tournament is $10 + $1, with the winnings distributed each week according to standards multi-table tournament rules.

Chance to play with Celebrity guests

For the latest Pokernight In Canada standings click here.

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place

Fifth Place