Thursday, December 28, 2006

What a Rush - 5/10 NL

I just sat down at a 5/10 NL table at Party Poker with $600 and all I can say is what a rush. I am a true degenerate gambler now and I am proud of it. I was being aggressive, stupidly at some points but I was not scared of slinging $90 continuation bets or stealing the odd blinds here and there. I didn't play scared at all, which kinda scares me a bit. My bankroll could of handled a loss or a win but I do not see myself going back there any time soon.

Here are some hands:

Hand 1 - TT (guy said he had QQ and I beleive him, I saw him smooth call with Kings to win a huge pot earlier) - this was the 4th hand at the table.

Hand 2 - 33 (thought I only had the guy on my left in the hand with me and missed the other guy in the 4 or 5 seat that had the set. I put the guy on my left on a flush draw and thought I could get him to lay it down which he did but then I didn't see the chips come my way?? I said shit as the 3rd guy called with a set of 9s.

Hand 3 - KK Standard

Hand 4 - AA I smooth called preflop to hide the strength of my hand. I think I got pretty close to maximum value on this hand. If I bet the turn I might get a call by the A10, but I dont think he pays me off on the river for a big bet.

The table broke after just an hour and about 65 hands into this journey. I definitely think the stakes blurred my vision on the one particular hand but other than that I felt pretty confident.

I ended up $71 after I found myself stuck around $350 at my low point. I was happy when the table broke as my heart can only take so much.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Fold

Well after the last discussion on folding went 13 comments deep I need to get back on this topic. Murf and Curatio battled the merits of folding a slightly positive EV hand in order to decrease variance. I don't have time for a long boring, well thought out post so I will just post another hand for discussion.

Hand History

I fold KK, the same hand that I folded last time but this time I folded on the river to save me some money when I knew I was beat. I hate my flop reraise, it was not enough I know, but I made him pay max value on the turn to see the river card. I pegged him on the flush draw the momeent he led out for a min bet on the turn.

I still don't think many people can lay this hand down to a $15 bet into a $30 pot. I just knew my set of kings was cracked and laid it down and saved some cash to fight another day. This guy rivered me again 10 hands later and got the rest of my money but the is besides the point. ;)

Thursday, December 14, 2006


This is a public service announcement from the poker blogger community. While this may be an isolated incident, it gives a red flag warning about the potential dangers of your bankroll on Full Tilt Poker. Dugglebogey from Go Be Rude just posted an entry entitled Your Money is NOT SAFE at Full Tilt Poker. Please go read it. Apparently his account was cleaned out from Full Tilt Poker from someone using a foreign IP address and Full Tilt is NOT going to do anything about it. Please show your support for Dugglebogey and spread the word about Full Tilt. We cannot stand for this kind of response from Full Tilt. So be warned and take appropriate action if you feel so inclined. This is NOT the kind of thing that the online poker industry needs right now.


This is an automated message sent from Full Tilt Poker.

Your Player ID: Rye and Poker
Date and Time: 2006-12-15 07:14:30
Transfer Number: xxxxxxxx
Payment Method: NETeller
Amount: $900.00


Your withdrawal has been approved. Funds transferred electronically
should be available in your account immediately. Funds sent by check
should be received within 21 business days.

Thank you for playing at Full Tilt Poker

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Booya Poker - Poker Night in Canada

The Booya Poker Poker Night in Canada came to an end last night and did I ever get lucky I was playing with donk's. I didn't get any cards all night and I had to fend off one player below me and beat another player if I wanted to move into 3rd spot. Things were looking good to move into a higher spot when the luckbox "costalstak" hit his perfect river card in a 3 way pot and avoid elimination. I had a failed steal attempt shortly after that and I was very short stack and went out first out of all the players that mattered. I was pretty pissed because I thought I was going to lose $250 in EV by moving down a spot. I obviously under estimated the stupidity of the player that was behind me though, all the guy had to do was fold until one more player got knocked out and he would make an extra $250 but he couldn't do it and decided to push A rag and got busted by the chip leaders AQ. I shipped the guy who busted him $10 and called it a night!

Final Standings: (This is all Overlay)

MathP - $2000
Actyper - $1250
CoastalStak - $1000
Riverrun (Me) - $500
Pkrfce (Donkey) - $250

Honourable Mention: Curatio

Now get ready for the new and improved league in January! Go sign up at Booya and remember I can get you an extra $10 if you leave a comment saying you signed up through me.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Snow Day

I tried my hand at the Booya Hockey Night in Canada tournament last night. It had 18 runners with normal payouts but with two tickets to an NHL game of your choice for the winner so a slightly different strategy was needed to try for first at any cost. I managed to double up early and ride that to the final table and steal enough blinds to keep above average until we got down to the final 6. I ended up going out 4th when I pushed with QJ and got a call from KJ. Ohh well I'll have to wait to see the Maple Leafs lose another day.

I also managed a couple hundred hands 3 tabling NL 200 at Full Tilt last night before the tournament. I was down a few bucks when this hand happened. I was at a very aggressive table and thought I would try to isolate if someone raised behind me but everything failed and I gave up rather quickly with the hand. I like to post hands where I make mistakes just to keep myself honest in the areas I need to improve on. I think this was an isolated instance so I am not too worried yet. I will make sure it doesn't happen again.

The hand that made my session into a winning one is this hand. I raise my standard amount, get one caller, CB my standard amount but maybe a bit lower than normal. The second he called I put him on the flush draw. I saw him show down some hands and I'm not sure but I was 90% sure, and since he checked to me on the turn that completed the flush I just knew he hit. I check behind and hit a miracle card on the river to stack the guy. He asked me after if I would of called a bet on the turn and I said I would of called a half pot sized bet but not a full pot bet on the turn. It was a cooler for him but I'm not convinced he should of called my raise with a2s in the BB.

I'm off work today, the whole city I work in is shut down since we got over 2 feet of snow over night. I'm not looking forward to shoveling my car out when it's time to leave to go anywhere but at least its a day off!

Get R Done

Poker Tables

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I know some of you are thinking that my wife would never let me get a poker table anywhere in my house, this is my situation anyway. They offer poker tables that convert to dining room tables and you can't tell that they are even supposed to be used for poker. The WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is much higher because you don't look like as much of a degenerate gambler when her friends come over and see a poker table set up in the basement.

Cardroom Supply also adds the finishing touches to your room by selling poker chips, racks, tournament timers, buttons, cards, and drop boxes for all that money that is changing hands. It really is a one stop shop for all your home game needs.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Santa Claus

Since Santa came early for me on the 5 things I wanted for Christmas, (see below)I thought I would make my readers dreams come true!

Booyaman wanted more players at his site.

Go Sign up!!

Dcamper wanted Party Poker and all sites that banned players from the U.S. back I give him.


I wanted to change Bush to Frist but I'm not photoshop certified.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 04, 2006

Have you been Naughy or Nice?

I didn't get a chance to play at all since my last post. I had a great night out on Friday night and got a little bit more drunk than I probably needed to but ohh well. My poker week ahead looks like Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday this week with blog reading everyday. My goal is to get in 600-700 hands in at NL200 at Full Tilt poker to make sure I finish off as much of their reload as I can.

I also want to play in one blogger event this week, and I will let JL pick the one I will play since he is bitching about me not playing in his most recent post. There are two weeks left in the Booya Poker League and I am looking good to make some cash just in time for Christmas.

My Christmas Wish List:

1. Pocket Aces in the BB in a reraised pot. Early Gift!
2. Hitting a set and stacking an overpair
3. Winning one of the next two Booya League events
4. Raising a small Suited Connector and actually hitting a flop Early Gift
5. Making $1,000 before Christmas from Poker

If you want something for Christmas you better post it in in my comments or Riverrun won't know what to get you.

Friday, December 01, 2006

A New Game

I was able to take some time last night and try Limit Omaha H/L and boy do I ever suck. I had no idea what was going on, I thought I had a decent hand a few times but was dominated pretty badly. I had a very difficult time reading the board and my hand, I wasn't even worried about counting outs because I really didn't know any better. Needless to say I lost my stack ($.80) and did not rebuy. I read a bit before I started but I will continue to read more and let Murph from PSO help me once I get to the stage where I understand the game.

I also played an hour two-tabling NL200 and managed to squeak out a small $50 profit with out going to the river or showdown once. This is tight aggressive poker at its finest. I would raise get a caller, CB 3/4 pot or $13 because that is my scary bet amount that I use to make players fold, and I would get them to fold. When you do this 5-6 times it becomes pretty comical because I didn't hit many flops last night, most were positional raises after one limper entered the pot. I need to remember this night when all my CB's get raised when I have nothing because I know things even out in the long run.

I finished my month up $730 which worked out to $34/hour. I am extremely pleased with my transition to NL200, it just shows that a winning NL100 player has nothing to be scared about making the jump up if you are properly bankrolled. I wish Full Tilt had resizable tables because I really want to add the 3rd and 4th table with no over lap. I sometimes play three but two works better on my 17" monitor at home. Its almost that time of year to set our goals for next year so start thinking about what you want to accomplish in poker. You should also more importantly think about HOW you are going to accomplish by using BB/100 x hours played and break it down on a monthly/weekly basis so you have both long and short term goals to accomplish over the next year. I think i'll use the generic goal of making $10,000 next year from bonuses and poker play (I will set up a monthly tracker). If anyone wants to challenge me on a month/yearly basis and make a side bet out of it I would love the challenge/motivation to play more hands.

Get R' Done