Sunday, January 28, 2007

January - Enough Said!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union

I have come to the conclusion that I am getting bored with Full Ring NLHE and I need to get out of the funk I'm in. I have had 9 out of my last 10 sessions in the negative and I am not sure its all the cards. I am running bad do not get me wrong but I feel I am compounding errors by being timid, not playing ABC poker and trying to make too many moves. I have decided to take a week off to clear my head and get back to ABC which allowed me to beat the came on a regular basis and have confidence in my ability.

I don't think I will be able to take a week off because I need to get back on the horse and try to right so many of my wrongs. I have lost close to $1,000 in Ring games ranging from NL50 to NL200 this month. I NEED to correct this and the first step is to recognize WHY? I think winning players do get complacent and go through the motions and take for granted that we are going to win sometimes. It happens to the best sports teams in the world, and that is why season is 82 games in the regular season and not 7 games as it is in the playoffs. Variance happens and its the great teams that deal with adversity and bounce back.

I am stepping back limits and putting my bankroll and pride aside and playing no higher than NL50 till I make a few hundred. If I don't make this money I will continue to grind it out until I do even if it takes all year. I was disciplined to build my roll and I will stick to this. The only exception to this is if there is another PSO cash game table. I'm toying with the idea of starting at NL25 6max and working my way up with a limited bankroll so I respect the limits I am playing and I feel a loss. I have lost $1,000 over 3 weeks and it pisses me off but it doesn't affect my bankroll and I think that's the problem, I have lost all attachment to money, its just chips now which is good and bad.

So options:

1. 6max NL25 Bankroll $500
2. 6max NL50 Bankroll $1000
3. FR NL50 Bankroll $1000
4. FR NL100 Bankroll $2000
5. FR NL200 Bankroll $4000 - Get back on the horse!

Please vote early and often and remember I've only played a couple hundred hands of 6max and I do want to learn the game. If you have a better plan please let me know.

Friday, January 19, 2007


I have been MIA for the last week or so and I just can't seem to find the time or anything worthwhile to Blog about. I've been on my worst downswing in my career and its hard to see things to either add value or teach people in my writing.

I finished the stars reload in under 2 weeks, but did it ever kick me in the junk. It's the first time I have played at Stars and I don't know if I need to adjust to the slightly better players or what but I was stuck for $500 over 3500 hands or so. This isn't a huge downswing to most but its my biggest cash game down turn and I hope to not let it effect my play. My month total after I include the stars bonuses and Party Bonus is -$300 for the month. This number includes my 2 attempts at the 100k Mansion Tournament at $100 each try.

This is exactly why we have bankrolls and use bonuses to supplement our bad runs. My goal will be to get back to even by the end of the month and put this all behind me. I am way to competitive and hate to lose so even though the dollar amount is small it kills me to lose money at my "hobby".

On a much cheerier note I got to play with 9 other PSO'rs last night at the Hand Analysis Home Game on Full Tilt. We played .5/1 NL and it was a blast! We played for 2 hours and sent out hand histories in to Murf from PSO to compile the hands that everyone played in order to discuss the good the bad and the ugly. I was VERY card dead but managed to eek out some profit from the game. My highest PP was 88 I think and I had AK once out of 125 Hands. I guess I'm used to playing 4 tables over 2 hours and seeing a lot more playable cards. It will be very interesting to see the different strategies in place and dissect a cash game table hand by hand in PT.

If you want to view the thread on the discussion. GO HERE

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mansion 100k

I tried my hand at the Mansion 100k on Monday night and I went out about half way through. This $100 buy in tournament had aabout 50k in overlay which make up for my lack of skill or experience in big buy in tournaments. This type of tourney also brings out the best online players because its +++EV for them to come to a small site and destroy it.

They finally changed the structure for tonights tourney which should lead to more play in the middle stages enstead of the push and pray that was on Monday night. This tourney may be a leak in my bankroll at this point but I figure its worth a shot. I plan on playing atleast one more if tonight doesn't go well and I will reevaluate from there.

I have a piece of MathP and Actyper which should decrease variance a little bit. Its starts in 5 mins so I better get focused and take this puppy down. I might even Live blog if I hit any hands early.

10pm - Cards in the Air

10:10 Limp with 66 call 4x BB raise...miss flop fold to pot size CB

AA in the BB...folded to me :(

JJ MP Called a raise, should have reraised here. Called for set value in a 4 way pot.

AA in the SB...make it 4x raise with one limper, he hits set, not enough ships left to fold...and i'm done 35 mins in. Boo!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Since everybody else is doing it...I may as well write down some goals for 2007.

1. I have a hard time getting a lot of hands in because of my schedule and the fact that poker is not the first thing in my life. My fiance, my work, my family, my house even sometimes comes before this addiction I call Poker. Because of this my goal will be to play 1000 hands a week and NL100 and above. This will work out to about 5 hours of 4 tabling the limit of my choosing and hopefully making $200 a week including bonuses.

2. Make the transition from NL200 to NL400 by the end of 2007 and atleast play a few thousand hands at the NL400 level even if it means taking a shot once and a while.

3. Continue to read books and poker forums and try to be more active in the Hand Analysis forum at PSO.

My goals are simple and easy to track. I will start another Goal Tracker on the right sidebar as soon as I get the time. Goal #1 works out to $10,400 in cash game winnings and bonuses. I will use that number for my tracking purposes even though my goal is to make $15,000 next year. The extra money will be from one off bonuses and backing players in tournaments, etc.

I hope everyone has a great 2007 and I look forward to charting my progress this year.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year in Review

2006 was a breakout year in my short stint at the game called poker. I started the year off with a goal to make a certain amount of money before September and I ended up tripling or quadrupling that amount by the time September rolled around. The money wasn't the only thing that was working well, my game stepped up to a higher level and my confidence level rose dramatically in cash games and tournaments.

On the tournament front I won the winter 2006 PSO League which gave me a great WSOP experience. I did far better in the cash games in Vegas but I learnt a lot about tournament poker along the way which will carry forward for years to come. . I also won my first tournament with more than 100 players in it during the League which took a large monkey of my back! I bombed out of the Fall PSO league which was disappointing but I just couldn't get things going. I will take the next one much more serious to ensure I am competitive again. I placed 4th in the Booya Poker Night in Canada League and scored some nice cash but I felt my play was sub par in all the events.

Cash games in 2006 were a cash cow for me, something just clicked and it seemed easy to grind away a steady profit at the tables. This is my biggest accomplishment during the year and it’s the reason I have the bankroll I do today. I made the jump from NL100 to NL200 which is arguably the toughest jump to make in online poker. I'm really looking forward to getting to NL400 by the end of 2007 and beyond. This will be my main goal that will only be accomplished if I play well and sustain a decent win rate at all levels I play at over 2007.

My 2007 started off well tonight at the cash game tables and I hope to carry the winning ways on for the duration of 2007. I made $100 + $50 bonus in about 25 minutes 4-tabling NL100 when all my hands held up. I had to be somewhere after that so I left happily with my profits in tact and a solid start to 2007.

Good luck to everyone in 2007! And Thanks to everyone who comments on here and to the great poker discussion it leads to. My next post will be a more detailed look at my 2007 goals and how I plan to reach them and track them.