Saturday, February 24, 2007


EDIT: Added one more session!

Big hand is from NL100 table. Click Here

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Solid Poker

I feel like I really have command of my game right now. I have been a student of the game since I started but with all the advanced tools out there (books, videos, blogs, Cardrunners) it's really starting to come together. I've always had a good grasp on the fundamentals but with a few tweaks here and there I have a totally different perspective on the game.

Watching Cardrunners videos and hearing the players thought process on a hand is an invaluable tool to making good sound poker decisions. I used to make decent decisions before on auto pilot and not really think things through. I am now more active in my thinking and trying to look and pick spots more often which translates into a higher winrate in the long run. I really echo what Guin is saying and I totally understand his new mindset when I read his posts regarding his new style and thought process that goes along with it.

Cardrunenrs preaches a LAG style but its not the style so much as the thinking part of the game LAG brings to the table. You have to be constantly thinking and looking for spots even if its ABC poker 80% of the time. The 20% where you make a thinking play really takes you to the next level.

So for next time don't just make a bet because you always make a bet in that situation, make a bet because you actually thought about what you were trying to accomplish and protray. This is the thinking part that most of us are capable of but don't do out of laziness and the fact that "if its not broke why fix it." Fix it because you can increase your profits at the table!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Critical Thinking

Its been a while since I have last updated my progress and how I responded to my terrible January run. I took a proactive step and reinstated my membership wih Cardrunners a day before they announced that Brian Townsend is joing them and charging an extra $5. Score! I get to keep my membership at the current $20 level for the next 6 - 12 months.

After watching about 4-5 hours of videos over the last week or so I have realized how far off of ABC poker I was in January. I lost sight of all the things I did to kill the micro limits on my way up. I had gotten sloppy and complacent in January and Cardrunners helped me get back to basics. Cardrunners teaches a Loose Aggressive game and although its not my style I need to open my game up and take control of more pots if I want to keep moving up and turn my slump around.

I am now opening more pots for the Button, CO, and CO + 1 that I may of limped/folded in January. I am actually thinking through my decisions at the table and not going on auto pilot as I did in January. It was an eye opening experience looking at the videos and thinking to myself how bad I was playing and that I didn't realize it until now. I was running bad yes, but I shouldn't of tanked as bad as I did and this month I will prove that I can turn things around and build my bankroll back to pre-january numbers.

I am up around $250 for Febuary so far and I've only played about 1500 hands. It feels good to be back on track! I am trying to clear a bonus at Red Kings Poker right now which is on the OnGame network and I'm half way there with 2 weeks left to go. If I get that $310 while breaking even or even sustaining my normal winrate I should be back to pre january levels by mid march.

Morale of the Story: If you find yourself in a slump and running bad you have to think critically about your play. Think about each decision that you make and take an extra 2 seconds to make your clicks to make sure you have a plan of attack every hand you are in.

Goal: Currently my VP$IP is 14% and Preflop raise is 4.5% I want to get these numbers to:
VP$IP = 18%
Preflop raise = 9%