Thursday, March 29, 2007

State of the Union

I am not enjoying the thought of playing poker with out Neteller at my side as a free way to transfer money between sites. Our U.S. counterparts just went through this and it seems even the number of blog posts are down, which to me correlates into less hands being played. I have decided to make a substantial cash out in the tune of around 60% of my bankroll. This will force me to play NL50 - NL100 and nothing higher for the time being. I can still take a one table shot at NL200 but no more multi-tabling it for me. I am hedging my bets by throwing money onto 2 sites for cash games and one site for the PSO Leagues that should be starting soon with the launch of the new PSO site.

I'm also toying with the idea of starting another blog up. I was thinking about a business related blog in my field and see what kind of exposure it could bring me. I'm not liking the idea of actually having to edit and reread my posts before I post them but since it will be professional it's the right thing to do. You'll actually get to see that I have a university education and not some shmuck I represent from my writing here. The topic will be in some form related to investing in Real Estate, and more specifically rental properties in Ontario/Canada.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Neteller Down to Canadians!

Prosperity is behind us, prepare for the another Great Depression.

That is all.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Neteller just announced that they are able to process US$ cheques from NT accounts. The fee is $2.00 for regular mail and $11.00 for Priotirty Post. This saves a lot of our hard earned cash because it saves on the less than market exhange rate when they convert EFT's from USD to CAD. I normally try to withdraw via Party because there exchange rate is usually better but this gives us a second option so we can get a preferred rate at our banks. As a head up, the last time I withdrew via cheque from Party my bank put a 3 day hold on it even when I had the funds to cover it available and have perfect credit ( I worked at a bank).

So go out and make a bunch of money and withdraw in US$ and then fly to Vegas and blow it on hookers and blow!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

6 max

I managed to get some time on the virtual felt last night and it felt great! I deciding to play 6max for the first time since watching all the card runners videos. It was fun 3 betting with AJ+, raising in position with SC's and anything remotely playable. Full Tilt seems very aggressive but it may of been that I'm not used to seeing the normal aggression of a 6max table. I was play two NL50 Table's and there seemed to be a lot of dead money, short stacks with 40BB just spewing chips and folding to CB's way too often. This gives me hope to reevaluate my move to 6max a la Guin and make a permanent switch to this highly profitable game.

Unfortunately I sat down at a table with Guin last night not even realizing it till I posted my BB. I'm sure he knows that I am very new to the game and he took the opportunity to raise it up 4x from MP on my first BB. It's folded around to me and I pick up AA and think about how much of a luck box I am to get this hand on the first hand at the table. It took me 3 secs for me to decide I was 3 betting, I knew he knew that I am watching card runners vid's all the time. I used this as a way to 3 bet and hopefully think I am making an aggressive play because that's what I am taught to do. I make it $6 to go raising his bet 3x and he pushes over the top with QQ and I make a quick call. The flop was an Ugly TJQ and he hits top set, the turn bricks and the river gives me justice when a beautiful King squashes any hope his bitches had! I rake the pot and he catches his train home.

I'm sure I'll donate it back to the game but it was fun starting off 6max at a winning clip. I might even decide to cash out $4k and play with a $1k bankroll to ensure I take NL50 seriously and work my way up from that level.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Since my last post of neglect I have not played more than once or twice in total. I have not logged any hours in the last 2 weeks and I don't feel badly about it. I plan on getting a few more hours in this month but I don't see myself playing as much as I used to in the near future. I have been renovating my basement, going to hockey games, bars, and generally spending more time with my fiance. Its been a great couple
weeks and I have accomplishedalot over that time period.

I am going to fire up a single table tonight and take Guin's advice of playing like the maniac I detest. Ill drop down in limits and play where the money doesn't mean to much to me. I will post my stats and a graph of the 100 or so hands I play and see if I can get my VP$IP / PFR %'s as high as I can with out spewing too many chips.

I am hitting a wall similar to September when I took 4+ weeks off and didn't even notice. I still love poker but I am finding a greater balance now between life and poker. I'm sure ill be back to 25 hours of poker a month soon enough but until I ramp up to that I will enjoy this downtime and get some things done around the house. For what its worth I am still up money this month but Ive only played a few hours so its nothingsignificant . I think I might only be up a few hundred on the year after my horrific January so I need to start playing soon to hit even 50% of my goal I stated at the beginning of the year.
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Thursday, March 01, 2007


I really need to get into a better posting routine. I have been busy with work and not at my home computer often enough to get into a regular schedule again. I have been playing more hands so I have some things to talk about in regards to poker but I have my hand histories on another computer so I can't dissect the hands. The quasi Cardrunner inspired tweaks to my game are working out very well. I think Guin is making more of a effort than I am but I'm not willing to play 6max at this point, or drop down significantly.

I have increased my raise percentage 2% from 5% to 7% but my VP$IP has stayed the same at 14%. This just means i'm raising more with position and it is good for my bottom line but I'm giving up some EV by not playing more hands. My goal for March will be 7.5% raise and 15% VP$IP. I think baby steps is the way to go about this and it will eventually become second nature as I play more hands. I will post my hand that I would of never played before Cardrunners when I get home to my computer and show you the difference a more aggressive style can help your winrate.