Monday, April 30, 2007

PSO League #5

My Sunday night started out with a beat, the PSO league was delayed an hour because Absolute poker are a bunch of lazy fucktards. The 10pm start is way to late for me especially when I got no sleep the entire weekend due to buying a Nintendo Wii. I pretty much knew I was going to do well because the poker gods love to keep me up later then I need to.

On to the the first couple levels I found KK in on the button and reraised a MP raiser and a LP caller by making it about 4x his raise. I do not fuck around in the early stages by slowplaying. If your going to draw out on me so be it but I'm going to make you pay. They both call and the flop is a beautiful KJ9, they check to me and I bet 300 into a 600 pot and MP insta pushes and I make an easy call and he flips 99 for bottom set and I am the chip leader. I maintained a top 3 chip position for most of the tournament and don't remember too many hands till I got heads up as a 60/40 favourite.

The guy who I made it heads up with was an absolute card rack. He knocked out person after person at the final table and had a huge 60k, 20k, 20k lead in the final 3. I punished him during the final 3 to have the lead going into heads up. He turned a gutshot after calling a potsized bet on me to take a meaningful pot, he won with QQ vs my AJ, he won JJ vs my 99, and hit pot after pot to take a 95k to 5k lead. I battled back to almost even and then get him to commit his stack KQ vs K8 and we fucking chopped, he would of been crippled but the poker god's wanted to tease me, I guess its better than a complete suck out. Next hand I hit TP on the flop and shove over his raise and he has AA to finish me off.

I'll take a 2nd place finish as I had to play perfect poker to make it that far and heads up lasted over 60 hands easily. A 70 person tournament lasted 3:40. That just shows the caliber of play in these things is very high. I guess ill add my name to the choking list along with Actyper and MathP. :(

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sarnia Live Poker Tournament

Here is the info on the Poker Tournament which is Part of my Stag and Doe in June. The Stag and Doe will be the night before June 8th and the Tournament June 9th. As you will see on the site you will get your $10 back when they sign up for a Free Poker Source Online Account. Register Early to make sure you reserve your spot!


DATE: Saturday June 9th, 12pm start
COST: $50 plus $10 donation

PLAYERS: 100 Maximum

Location: TBA - will be announce closer to - Sarnia, ON

Sponsor: Poker Source Online will be adding chip sets and other prizes.

Monday, April 23, 2007

PSO League 2 and 3

Another PSO League night has come and gone. I managed to finish in the top 20 in the last two events but its not going to be enough at this point to mount a serious challenge in the standings. I played a very solid game last night and made one HUGE mistake that cost me. I was top 3 with about 30 left and playing the bigger stack OK. I was raising in position and stealing enough blinds to keep the machine running. Then I decided to get fancy and float the player to my right after he minraised my BB. I ended up spewing chips and become short stacked and proceed to get my money in as a 40/60 and failed to improve.

These events are the only poker I'm playing right now and it shows in my results. Once I hit the 2 hour mark I make a stupid play and get knocked out. If I get down there again, i'm going to take my time making decisions and not rush anything. I am not able to play on cruise control with all this rust on me. I want to make at least one final table this season and go from there. A solid top 15 in the overall league is my goal from here on out. If the standings were up I would know how possible that feat will be but KUGR84 is too lazy!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

PSO league #1

It's that time of year again...The PSO league is back and better than ever. I was running late last night so I missed the first 2 levels but it didn't really effect me unless I missed some great cards. I always find it had to find a rhythm after starting any event late. I only got to see one flop and that was when I got knocked out. I raised a couple big aces and got everyone to fold to hover around even, then I made a mistake against a limper. There was an EP limper and I noted that last time he limped he pushed after a LP raise and I was in the BB with AQ. The small blind completed and I didn't want to see a flop and get in a tricky situation so I decided to raise a bit more than pot. The EP limper almost on cue insta pushed and I made an easy lay down but making my stack dwindle to sub 1000.

This made me a bit more desperate and I was blinded down to around 800 at the 50/100 blind level. I knew this was my make or break point and found a great spot to stick it in. Tieguy a PSO regular that I have played quite a bit with made a 3x raise and only left himself 4x left behind. It looked like a scared raise to me and I looked down at AJs in LP. I jam, he tanks then calls, i'm sure knowing he is behind but has to call considering the odds he's getting and flips A7s. Flop comes KQx with one of his suit, but that doesn't phase him as he runner runner's my ass with running diamonds. I have that sinking feeling this league might go as well as the last one now. I'm still waiting for my mojo from the first league to come back.

See yah guys on Wednesday where I'll be playing nothing but the beats!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kim Kardashian Pics

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My guess is she will be the next one to flash her twat on camera...maybe we should start a celebrity flashing pool? She has huge tits so its worthwhile taking a quick visit. Sorry to get so off topic.

PSO small game

Okay, Okay, I still haven't played much. I played last week with the PSO Forum regulars in the monthly Small Game but that was about it. I am going to follow curatio and actyper by opening up two different ewallets to transfer money back in fourth. I plan on doing that this week and once I get that set up i'll start a new PSO promo and sign up for rakeback through my sponsor. This will force me to get more hands in.

The PSO Small Game went amazingly well, I have been complaining the last two months that I was card dead. This months made up for it in a major way. I had KK back to back along with Aces two other occasionsand Jacks on one . I ran hot! The KK hands were the most memorable. I was in LP both times but the first one scottwire raised it to 4x and by the time it got to me I raised it up 12x. He made a fairly quick call and checked a 57J ish flop to me. I bet out pot with my overpair and he pushed his remaining chips into the pot over top of my raise. It was $50 or so for me to call into a $120ish pot and I made the call hoping he tried to get fancy but knowing how tight he plays that he had something. He flipped bottom 2 pair 57s I think. I could not put him on that hand the way he plays so he played it very well. I hit my set of Kings on the river and raked a big pot! Im a luck box after all what did you expect.

The very next I get KK again. EP raises to $4 and gets 2 callers by the time it gets to Actyper who is on my right, he makes it $16 on top and I push leaving $50 more for him to call. Its folded back to him and he makes the call. He had AQ and my hand holds up. That's not the interesting part. There was a lot of meta game thinking going on during this hand from both of us. After having a huge hand and playing it fast the hand before I get a monster. Actyper raises a bunch of callers and is capable of making a squeeze play and this looks like one to me. He knows that I know that he is capable of making this play with any two...especially since we replay the event after on a video with cards exposed. So since he knows that I know he also knows I could be making a play as well. If I call and and slow play I might get a bunch of calls behind me and lose. If I call and actyper and I see a flop and I bet out and he doesn't hit I lose EV. So I make a big raise and he calls with AQ because he knows I "could" be making a play and using my image to do so after I just showed down a huge hand. There were a lot of factors that make us each play the hand the way we did. The result could of been a lot different if either of us were not known to each other and we weren't thinking things through on this level.

Sorry for puking on you but the hand was interesting in the way we both thought out the best move to make.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pokerstars @ PSO

Hi my name is Ryan and my Neteller account is officially ZERO and I haven't played poker for atleast a month. (Insert "Hi Ryan!) I'm pretty sure ill get back into it shortly but this break is kind of refreshing. I am able to reap some rewards of my hard work over the last year by spending some money and generally spending my time doing more productive tasks. I will need to look for a new way to make some extra money in the mean time, I'm not sure if I will or not but if you have any suggestions let me know!

If you haven't been to the new PSO site you better get over there as they just announced the addition of Pokerstars They are offering $120 in PSO points which is best in class. So if your looking to pad you bankrolls you will not do any better than that. I will be playing in the PSO small game tonight on Full Tilt @9 so if you can catch me in the PSO chat. If you want to play come by and visit as I think we are hurting for players this time around.