Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Alive

I actually played some poker last night. I was bored around 9pm and decided to jump into a $3 rebuy, $8000 GP. It filled up in the last minute to 800ish runners and I was off into tiltdom once again. Since I knew I was rusty I decided not to take the add on at the beginning but looking back it probably was a mistake. I managed to double up on my first hand with KJs flopping a flush and stacking AsA. Life was good in the world!

I played pretty tight for a rebuy but I kept winning small pots with marginal hands, normally just check calling bets from my opponents who were betting too little to make me fold. I was stuck at an average stack for the next 2 hours which is ok in the rebuy format because your M factor is hihger with more chips in play. With blinds of 400/800 A50 I had a MP raise picked off by a guy shoving on me and I had to fold 88. I was beloew average for the first time all tourney now. I ended up seeing some cheap flops but just couldn't get back to my 20k stack. I ended up getting all in versus a big stack with 2 pair vs set that he bet into me. There was no way I could of put him on it so I happily left for bed going out 176th.

I felt I played a bit tight but it worked out well for the first time playing in a tourney since the PSO league. Its alot different playing against 700 donkeys then 100 good players at PSO. I was giving players WAY too much credit. It makes me think of the pros at the WSOP, it must be tough to gear their game towards the mine field of donkeys.

I don't plan on playing too often so post will be few and far between. Good luck!