Friday, October 12, 2007

I can Dodge Bullets Baby!

Presto was not gold!

I have been playing at Party long enough to know that the min raise is AA. I had a note on this guy that weak meant strong so when he fired out 1/3 pot bet I knew he had an overpair. He then insta checked when the Ace came and my guy knew he just hit his 2 outer on me. I called his value bet on the river and was actually proud to see his AA and me only lose $20 when I normally would of gone broke.

Presto was gold a few minutes earlier so don't fret!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Finally got Back to the Fishy water of Party Poker

It's probably been a year since I last played at Party Poker. I did have the foresight when the gambling legislation past and Neteller was no longer to leave a $1000 on Party for a later date. The later date has come and boy were things interesting. I am still having connection issues so I only played two tables and not my usual four. I decided to fire up 2 - NL100 full ring tables and let the good times roll.

I have never had this many hands to post after a short 200 hand session since I have be playing at Full Tilt. These were only the hands that I was evolved in, let me tell you that the play was atrocious at best and it bit me in the ass a couple times. I was stuck 1.5 buy ins early by geniuses like these:

He read my soul and snap called. I guess he had a read on me after 18 hands!?

This guy was playing around 58/28 or there abouts. A total fish that I was lucky to have postion on the whole time. He costs me a big pot by reraising me when he has hardly any fold equity.

I was pretty pissed at this point. I was down and was seeing the bad play all around me. I just stayed patient and tightened up a bit.

I take a guy to value town by over betting the turn for value. I had no respect at this table so why not?

I was hoping he would make a river bluff at me after I hit my hand on the turn. I think I missed some value on the turn but I extracted a bit on the river.

This was agaisnt another 58/18 fish. I was worried about my river bet but I went with it and made him fold a middle pair 66,88,99,TT? I don't do this very often and I think I got lucky here, score one for the good guys!

I don't think Full Tilt will see me back for awhile after this.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Variance is a Bitch

I just finished a mentally tough session that I almost didn't make it out of alive. I have forgotten how cruel the deck can be to you in the short run. Mother variance is a cruel cold harded bitch sometimes. I just had to keep reminding myself that it happens and try to play through it. Since I haven't played any amount of poker in a long time it does take some getting used to and getting my heart/mind used to dropping buy ins again. I have to relearn to separate the money from my mind.

Session summary: First 20 hands lose QQ vs AA, JJ vs AA, QQ vc KK and lose with my AA in a small pot, the first 3 were for buyins. So a quick 2.5 buyin swing and were off to the races.

I chipped back up playing good poker, really paying attention to position and my opponents actions. I was raising with junk, 3 betting in position and mixing up my play enough that it was hard to put me on a hand. I managed to win a 220 BB pot as I was closing down and had post big blind button unchecked to bring the session loss to a cool $8. The session was a great success, I beat mother variance and I was able to 4 table again with no visible issues and keep my stats where I want them. VP$IP of 18-19%ish and Preflop raise of 11-12% in a Full Ring game. I used to play like a nit, 14% VP$IP and PR of 5% so I really have come a long way and its starting to show in variance as well as my win rate. I want to play another 3-4k hands until I move back up to NL100, I'll keep you posted.

P.S. the 220BB was a Presto is Gold moment...I obv getting good mojo from my recent post below!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bloggers Freeroll!

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