Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back to normal hotness

Since Last Post:

November 1 - Today:

November is definitely evening out for me now that I play a few more hands. I'm probably at my normal pace for hands played which is very low compared to almost all of my readers. It's too bad life gets in the way but I guess I could always fall back on poker if I need to. At most I play about 20 hours a month.

I played a perfect session last night where I didn't really hit any cards but played really good poker and finished down $30. It sucks when you have to play great just to lose money but I was adjusting to tighter tables by raising a bit more than normal and I felt good. I'm really happy with where my game is now and it's nice being a little bit less than a nit. I will probably post my poker tracker stats once I get to 5k hands just to get some feed back and keep my fundamentals in check.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That's Hot!

I'm running crazy hot for the month of November so far at 20 PTBB/100 and its kinda nice. I even joined a Party Poker "Surprise" freeroll last night as I was playing my cash games and decided to push every hand and announce my really bad ones. I became the chip leader after about 25 straight pushes and people were still limping in ahead of me and folding to my raise. I crushed the dreams of about 15 players until I decided to sit out and see how far my dead stack would go. I left after 30 mins and they were still playing the final table when I returned 3.5 hours later. For 2000 runners I think I did pretty well. I wish I could put the HH through a replayer to see how funny it was busting two players with 83o and winning every 40/60 that I got into.

In other news DQB's actually got paid off!

I will post the inevitable downswing from me typing this post in a week or so.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Since my last post I got destroyed for 5 buy ins by the sharks at Empire poker. I don't think I tilted too much but I just wasn't hitting any flops, had a ton of set up hands and just couldn't get anything going. That was my second worst short term down streak of my short poker career, I'm very lucky in that regard! I just don't play enough to have these massive 20 BI downswings I hear about everywhere.

Since the Empire debacle I have grinded my way back to even because of those same party donks.

A few standard hands:

http://www.pokerhand.org/?1664873 - Presto is silver! Fuel55 seems bullish on silver.
http://www.pokerhand.org/?1664876 - This is the line I use 50% with a set OOP.
http://www.pokerhand.org/?1666607 - A set up hand where I lose the minimum with KK vs AA - the river card helped.

Since I was running good yesterday afternoon I decided to play the Manison 150k with 70k in overlay and 788 runners. I was card dead almost the entire tournament, Dekar can vouch for that. I stayed at around 10 BB from the start to when I was knocked out 119th with AJ against A7 when the button raised my BB and I pushed and he had to call because he was a similar stack then me. The top 90 paid so I was pretty close, if I win that hand I have a top 40 stack and some time to wait for a hand.