Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review

1. I got Married!! This is the highlight of the year and the reason I did not play as much as I have in the past.

2. Results

January: -1300
February: +900
March - August: Off (I withdrew most of my bankroll and took a break from poker to focus on other things in my life; spending time with family, house stuff, wedding, etc.) This was really needed after playing straight for 2.5 years.
September: I rejoined the game with a fresh outlook and made a lot of tweaks. I only had $2,000 left in my accounts after paying for my wedding so I started back at Nl50 till I got comfortable again. +200sih
October: -200ish
November: +1045
December: +1300

Current bankroll: 4.3k - I might be taking some out in the near future for a TV and my new dual 20" monitor set up!.

As you can see I hit a couple rough spots but was able to play through it and get it back the next month. I am very happy with my play at NL100 and I feel like I shouldn't move up anytime soon. I loved playing NL200 and I was very profitable but I just don't feel like I have anything to prove and I want to continually withdraw for fun stuff that my wife and I can enjoy and leave my bankroll at $2,000 +.

3. Tournaments

Never really focused on them all year and probably never will. They just take up too big of a block of time to play and I don't like staying up past midnight during the week.

4. What did I accomplish that I said I would last year at this time

I didn't take any shots or play nearly enough hands to get to NL400. Taking 6 months off doesn't help. This year my goal will probably be to get back to Nl200 by fall next year.

I didn't play 1000 hands a week. Once again taking 6 months off doesn't help but I think I have been averaging that since I started playing again in September. This will be the main driver of my success next year.

I don't think I read any books, but browsing forums and joining cardrunners I really think that I nailed this goal. My game is much more stable and profitable then I was previously and I thank Cardrunners for that.

1/3 - I guess I failed at keeping my resolutions/goals

My next post will be my goals for 2008.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I've created a Monster

Calling with Ace high

My wife decided she wanted to play poker while I do. She is running at 4.87 PTBB/100 @ .25/.50 limit and she is already berating players in chat that suck. She said that this guy was playing too many hands and therefore called him down with ace high. She doesn't actually know how to play, she is a calling station but I think holding her own at the micro stakes!

I'm proud!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Twas the day a few nights before christmas

I'm scared again to write that I have been playing/running extremely well again. Carbon Poker was the easiest PSO promo I have done in a long time. I started it and finished it in about one week. The requirement is to get 4500 Carbon points and if you play 4 tables you can probably get it done within 7-8 hours. It's not a poker tracker compatible site so I can't post any of the great hands I witnessed but let me tell you that the play is softer than Party Poker because it has a lot less short stacking rocks.

A couple of examples strictly from memory:

Button open raises $4, I'm in the SB with KK, I 3 bet him to 3x to $12, he makes it $40ish, I push, he calls the last $60 he has and we have a 200bb pot. He flips AQo.

Another guy called off his stack when I had KK with 89o on a board of JQx.

Short stacks push with 40bb all the time with junk, I think I got called when I hit a set/over pairs with Ace high more than once with no draws.

I took another stack on a flop of 467 rainbow when I hit a set and got it all in with 2 others, one flipped JJ for 60bb, the other flipped 68o for middle pair and a gut shot. The gutshot guy berated me because he hit his gutterball on the turn after we where all in and I rivered quads!

As you can see the play was sub-party and I was lucky that my hands did hold up as much as they did. I only remembered one guy hitting a flush on the river, and not too many other suck outs. I love winning the hands that I'm favoured in even though I know it will turn the other way soon.

So here's to a great end of the year! Congrats to all the bloggers who tried their luck in the BBT2 tournaments! I just hope I can keep this up so I can go down south for March Break when my wife's off from teaching. If anybody has any advice on Texas along the gulf coast I would appreciated it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wingows Poker Review

I played the Wingows Poker Freeroll at PSO last night and I was very happy with my results finishing 9th out of 51 for $120. I was card dead almost the entire tournament, I lost QQ v AA (AIPF), AK vs KQ (Turned a Flush that I checked behind with a K high flop), Straight vs Higher Straight. I was able to survive all those and still have T1600 when we started with T5000. I think I only won 2-3 hands at showdown the entire tournament, which definitely doesn't win tournaments. My bust out hand I open pushed in the SB with A6 and got called by A8.

The reason I was able to survive was that Wingows had the slowest structure I have ever played in an online tournament. The 15 minute levels started at 1/25, then 1/25, 1/50,25/100?, and when they where higher 100/400. It gave you a ton of time to wait around and pick your spots. I will also add that it took 6 days to cash out through Moneybookers so be careful!

I have to give a shout out to the tournament winner dominatorz2003 who played great big stack bully poker and killed the bubble to amass a huge chip lead on everyone. It was quite the display to watch. That being said I do have to tell you how he got all those chips. He won QQ v KK AIPF, 77 v TT AIPF, and Q3h v 44 AIPF for 15-20 BBs. It was quite the display and these hands happened very close together and he single handily knocked players out to end the bubble from about 5 players away.

Here is my graph since my last post:

I almost have 10k hands in since September to post my poker tracker stats to see what others think of my nitty FR style! I am still playing at 16/8 and working on raising more hands so far my results have been great with these stats so I don't expect to tweak too much all at once. For those of you keeping track I'm still running at 11 PTBB/100 since November 1st, the down swing should be coming just in time for Christmas!