Monday, June 23, 2008

PSO WSOP freeroll

Congrats to Windbreaker a.k.a. Inheritance on Absolute for taking down the main event seat. He battled back from T165 or 2 BBs to win the tournament which is a huge achievement. I will out him also as the biggest luck box in the tournament because he had the uncanny ability to suck out on everyone!

Gold999 also deserves a shout out for getting 2nd and taking down $1,000 in the chop.

I bombed out 18/35 when I tried to out think a terrible calling station and ended up out thinking myself into a terrible position where I had to call for pot odds after I got to short. Chalk up the mistake to rust and I'll get over it. I still have a ticket to the $75k guaranteed on Cake that I will use one of these Sundays. Last Sunday had about 10k in overlay but I just wasn't feeling it as I got home 8 mins before the kickoff and didn't want to force it.

I know this wasn't much of an update as my new website venture is taking up most of my spare time.


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