Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January Review + New Set Up!

I am very happy to report that I have stuck with all my resolutions this month! It's always good to get your year started out on a good note. I have played good poker not great and my results have been decent considering the amount of beats and set ups I have taken and not dished out. I expect my equity to sort itself out over the year but January was something gross! I even played a donkament last night, the first in months, and finished 35/763 in the 13.5k Guaranteed on Full Tilt. I lost a crucial flip and couldn't build a stack to reach the final table as it always goes in tournaments, one flip a way from greatness.

I have to get used to taking more beats because I'm playing more hands and they come in greater succession but its still an adjustment period when you run under expectation for a whole month. I did implement a 2 buy in stop loss a couple times over the month and its been good to regroup and come back the next day firing.

Below is the main reason I am now able to get more hands in! I can now 8 table with no overlap. The most running at any one time on Cake is normally only 7 so thats the most I've done but I am thinking about trying out party and seeing if I can run better than the Cake network without the bonus and RB. I think if I can run at 4PTBB/100 at Party it will work out to more money at the end of the month. Ill try the experiment and see if it works out. If this month runs well I should be at NL200 by April and probably just take a 5 buy in shot and see if I get to stick with the big boys.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Worst one yet

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grinding away

I have a few funny hands to share from the Cake network.

Villain plays JJ like a true spewtard.

85o vs JJ

A rare 5 way all in preflop. It's hard to follow the action but this shows the games are far from dead!

AA v KK v 22 v A10s v 89s

I had a decent weekend at the tables, booked some solid wins with some solid loses scattered in there but came out on top in the end. I started 6-7 tabling which is really going to help me to achieve my number of hands goal for the year. I can't wait to get my real 2nd monitor but I'm guessing it will be 2 weeks before I get it exchanged.

If anybody wants a cake network skin for rakeback let me know and we can split the referral fee. That way you can still do the juicy PSO bonus at the main skin Cake.

That is all...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Week

After a frustrating start to 2008 things are finally start to come together. In my first 3000 hands I played slightly worse than break even poker and it was the most frustrating 7 days of my poker career. I'm now playing on the Cake poker network with their juicy bonus + Rakeback. The play at Cake is definitely exploitable at the .50/1.00 and 1/2 FR NL levels and it seems these donks just want to give you their money.

My first week brought a case of the 2-6 outters on the river blues when time after time villains would hit their 10-30% shot on the river. This happens in poker but this was the first time it would happen so many times in a row in short period of time. I normally don't play this many hands in a week and it really got to me when I didn't have a cooling off period in between. I managed to play through it and just keep getting hands in because I knew it would turn around eventually. I took solice in the fact that I was still even after all these beat downs!

In my last 1000 hands my hands have starting to hold up and I'm creeping back to the win rate that I expect from a site like Cake. I really wish they had Poker Tracker support so I could look at my all in equity because I know they owe me a few buy ins by now.

I will be receiving my new monitor's today via UPS and Puralator (don't ask me why they shipped each one with a different company) and should have my first 6 table session sometime this weekend. I will probably add two NL50 tables for now until I get fully up to speed on multi-monitoring. I'm pretty excited to increase my hourly rate/hands played per session so I can hit my 2008 goal for hands played. I will post a picture of my new set up next week.

Hope all is well in the New Year! Keep on grinding!

Friday, January 04, 2008


After going 1/3 on my goals last year I really want to make them as attainable as possible without making them too easy this year.

1. Take more detailed notes at the table and not rely on PT + PA HUD for all my info. This is a must if I want to win at cake poker because it's not PT compatible. I find myself taking more and more notes and I know it's making me more aware of the players at the table.

2. Increase the number of hands I play. This one always comes down to whats going on in my life and how poker fits in. I have started my wife playing on the .05/.10 limit tables so that she has something to do while I play and so far she is really enjoying it. She is slowly losing money but tightening up more every time she loses. I think by next month she will be a winning player at that level. My goal will be to play 7 hours of poker a week which should correlate into about 1750 hands a week. I'm not going to set a financial goal but if I stick to playing more hands I expect the results to follow. I will report back on the number of hands I play every month to keep me on track.

3. Move up to NL200 by the second half of the year full time. I already put a short one hour session in last night at this level so I know it shouldn't be an issue to get back to this level I once was at before withdrawing and taking a break. I am currently under rolled and thats the main reason I won't be moving up full time. I would want 25 buy ins before making it my full time limit. After withdrawing yesterday I'm only at 17. Ill grind 8 more out in the next few months!

4. To take a break at any time I see fit. This is totally contradictory to my first 3 goals but I think it's important to be able to take a step back and walk away if there are personal things you need to pay more attention to. I think a balanced life is a healthy life and its only fair to the most important people in our lives(friends/family/wife).

Good luck to all those who posted goals and I hope we all meet them by August!