Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Midget Month Recap

It looks like I am going to fall short of my goal for February and only get 7,000 hands in. February has been a more active month socially with the Super Bowl, Bachelor Party, Hockey, and Pool taking about 5-6 good poker days away from me. If I throw in the 2 days I was sick I have a great excuse for why I missed the last 3k hands.

I think I ran above expectation this month as my hands seemed to hold up for the most part compared to last month where no matter how good I got it in I would end up with the worst of it. I know a couple other guys that are running below expectation so I know this isn't going to last long and to brace myself again for coming back closer to earth.

I did say that I will move up to 1/2 NL this month and I hope I have the balls to go through with it. I now have over 30 Buy ins for 1/2 but not sure if I will go through with the permanent jump. I played a bit of 1/2 this month and it went REAL well but I am so comfortable at .5/1 that it will be hard to make the jump. I feel like I am leaving the comfort of my home for the first time and won't have the luxury of knowing that dinner is on the table every night at 5pm. I won't know if I'll eat like a king at fancy restaurants or be ordering happy meals at McDonald's. I think this feeling is a normal one to have so I'll work on breaking out of my comfort zone and taking a 5 Buy in "shot". I'm not sure why I'm so worked up about this because at this time last year I was playing 4 tables of 1/2 and doing well. I think I just need to be slapped and told to man up!

My primary goal for March will be to play 5,000 hands of 1/2 NL. I will still strive for my 10k hands and they can be at .5/1 if I choose but I really want to focus on playing 1/2. I will probably only play 4 tables of each at the beginning and not jump to 6-8 tables of 1/2 unless things go real well.

I just reread my post and am I ever a NIT. That's all.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


I went in to the Final Table 10/10 in Chips. It's easy to run over a table when you aren't concerned if you make the money or not! The 8 minute blind levels rewarded push botting and most of the players didn't adjust.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Week in Review

It took a full week of play for me to have anything semi interesting to talk about. The only problem is that Redstar took away the shareable hand histories so I can either try to recreate the hand by talking about the play or not post at all. I haven't decided what I am going to do quite yet.

I am a little behind pace on the number of hands I would of like to play by now but only because I missed an hour of play because of the Super Bowl. I'll do my best this weekend to get caught back up. I'm still on pace of 9,000 hands but I really want to strive for 10k hands by the end of this short month.

It also looks like I will be forcing myself to move up to 1/2 NL next month if this month continues the way it has been going. I will probably play a maximum of 4 1/2 NL tables with a few .5/1 mixed in for the first while. I would hate to hit a bad spell and wipe away last months grinding in one session.

I have decided that I will post the RAW hand histories of a couple interesting pots from last nights session tomorrow/tonight when I get home. One concept I wanted to talk about was the 50-60bb semi-short stackers and how I play against them. I really want feedback on how others play them but please hold off till I post a hand and some commentary.