Monday, April 21, 2008

Lee Jones joins

Lee Jones formally of Pokerstars and the EPT joins as their Chief Operating Officer. What this announcement really means is that Cardrunners plans to crush their competition and solidify there reign of dominance in the online poker training sites.

Lee Jones is now in charge of making the user experience better and to give the members a better way to view videos and to bring the content experience to a new level. Lee Jones said he will be getting his hands dirty and this is not just some consulting gig on the side. Cardrunners is very smart to bring Lee Jones onto their team as he has the contacts and the expertise to bring in new talent, grow the companies operations, and add value to the existing and future Cardrunners members. Lee Jones also commented that he will not be doing videos at this time but will concentrate on the day to day operations.

This is another giant leap forward for the Cardrunners brand and furthers their dominance in the online poker training arena. Lee Joins will add a touch of class and will make the user experience that much better. I feel bad for the other training sites because this might just cause a mass consolidation as Cardrunners buys out their competition just like Microsoft. Well you heard it here first!

If your not a member and want to see what they are all about please follow this link to and become a registered guest for free!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

30k Hands - 6 months

My Pokertracker just passed the 30,000 hand mark this past week since my return to online poker in September. I doubt the next 6 months will hold that many hands for me but I sure hope so. As you can see from my nitty stats (14.5/7/2.7) it doesn't take a LAG style to beat the games at a fairly solid clip. I play only Full Ring games and never 6 max, my bread and butter is still NL100 and the only reason I have NL50 hands in my database was from September when I was starting back up or if I need to fill my screen with more tables and there are no more good NL100 tables.

Looking at the graph it looks like my biggest downswing was 5 BI's which is a very substantial downswing for my style. If any one knows how to run standard deviation I would love to compare my variance with other styles.

I still need to grow the balls to jump to 1/2 NL full time. I am used to the game but I just can't make the permanent jump. The games are so good at NL100 and I can auto pilot 6 tables and hammer out a consistent profit. When I play 1/2 I usually only play 1 or 2 tables which doesn't allow me to get enough hands in. Anyone have any ideas to keep me at NL200?

Also, go join Card Runners if you really want to take your game seriously or your struggling to breakeven. I now think about hands a lot differently than a year a go and I think its has helped my game immensely.

Friday, April 04, 2008

March Break Recap

This month was one giant break. I started off playing a few hours a week but then got sick for about a week and a half and had no motivation to play any hands even though I was home from work. I only ended up playing about 2,000 hands the entire month. I'm pretty disappointed but I guess I deserved a break for playing a lot of hands the previous couple months.

I ended up the month in the positive after starting in the negative after the first few days which is always great. I started off April the same way by dropping a 1.3 buy ins last night so I hope I can dig my way out again. I should be heading back to the Cake network once I hit the next milestone at Eurolinx. They changed their bonus terms on me so I am getting the hell out of there.

I've been putting my poker hours into another project over the past couple weeks and have about another month left of losing poker hours. My goal for this month is to get at least 5,000 hands in even with all the distractions.

If you are running bad and need to feel better go check out Kugr84's Blog it will cheer you up!