Friday, July 18, 2008

Free Poker Training

PokerTrainingGuide is proud to present its first of many monthly contests to give away free poker training memberships. This months giveaway is a 3 month membership worth over $200 to Daniel Negreanu's! All you have to do is sign up to PokerTrainingGuide's newsletter and you are entered to win. Only confirmed email addresses are eligible.

Once the contest closes everyone who signed up will have another chance to win if you open the first newsletter. Click the picture below to enter!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sponsored Post -

I was always told you can always judge a book by its cover. When I review certain gambling sites I can usually tell it its going to add value to the internet or spam the internet like the other million sites before it. OnlineCasinoReports passed my initial test with flying colours by offering a well designed online casino guide to find the information a user would need on the different types of gambling options available on the internet.

After I dug deeper I found a forum, reviews on online poker, casinos, and bingo, blogs, tips and advice on the various games, and lastly a very informative gambling news section including video news. All these sections had a refreshing web 2.0 feel to them and were very easy to navigate to find the information I was after.

The casino school teaches players how to play the games of chance on the internet properly. This section will give players confidence in learning a new game and be able to sit down at their local casino and stand a fighting chance against the house advantage.

An innovative "Live" section is available where users can view the latest videos regarding online casino news and happenings. These three to six minute clips give a basic recap on the market and keep players up to date on the news that effects them.

In OCR's games section players can take a break from gambling and play all kinds of flash games. This section will take a player off tilt in no time and is probably +EV when you running bad at the slots or blackjack. I know I've been know to tilt playing table games and a break is always needed and its nice for a site to give you a non gambling related game to play where players can save some of their hard earned cash.