Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 Year in Review

2008 Goals - Lets see how many I fulfilled?

1. Take more notes + PT + PAHUD = pass. I have recently bought Holdem Manager and have been taking better notes all year when I was playing.

2. Increase number of hands played = pass. The months that I played I played quite a few hands. This last 1.5 months has been great and I really think going to SH tables will make it easier in the New Year to continue the trend.

3. Move up to NL200 = fail. I always fail these types of goals because I end up taking too much time off or withdrawing for personal reasons.

4. Take time off = pass. I think I might of taken this to the extreme but I took off from May to September again this past year for the second year in a row. I think I will just make poker a 6 month sport that is played only in the winter. I had reasons to take the time off and they were very profitable reasons. I started a website. Poker Training Guide. I enjoyed summer and worked hard at my real job and started a huge networking group for young professionals in my area that now meets monthly.

3/4 is great and I look forward to setting some unique goals for 2009 that will include everything from work, poker, websites, and beyond. Balance is definitely the key to a long successful poker career as well as life in general.

Once again, Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

Riverrun 1 - bwin 0

I just finished my PSO promo with bwin poker on the ongame network. I ended up playing 19,000 hands of 5 max in order to get the $150 in PSO points, and the $250 deposit bonus. For the most part I was able to 6 table and I learned a few lessons of short handed play a long the way.

1. A very profitable play is to check the river with the hands you would normally thinly bet for value with on the river if you are oop. 9/10 the guy will fire a decent sized bet with their missed draws, bottom pairs, etc and you can pick these off when they normally wouldn't call your value bet.

2. It is impossible for me to keep my redline (won $ without SD) at break even when playing more than 4 tables. I can only play showdown poker with 6 tables up and I guess I'll have to learn to live with it.

3. Eurodonks are the best kind of donks to play with and never believe you have a hand. It can be frustrating when you don't have a hand but they pay off in full wehn you hit.

4. 5 max is a more profitable game for me in terms of winrate over my last 20k hands.

Here is my final graph of my time at bwin. I am currently looking to set up shop with a ongame skin with rakeback so I can get even more value from these eurodonks as I learn to go from 6 - 9 tables over the next couple months. The blue line includes the bonuses I worked off while grinding.

I wish all my 3 readers a safe and happy holiday and I will report back in the New Year with hopefully more of the same good news. I will also make a quick goals post at some point in the near future.

Friday, December 19, 2008

NL 50 - Continued

My challenge continues onward and upward over the past week or so. I have had less time to play with Christmas parties and work related functions taking up a few more evenings than usual. Since I am stuck in my house for a while during a severe snowstorm watch I figured I would update my progress.

I just bought Hold'em Manager (HEM) to track my play. I used to use PT2 but it has become obsolete and HEM has a lot better stat tracking and HUD options than PT3. HEM uses PostgreSQL and its an absolute bitch to get going. I am still having problems every time I restart my computer but I think I have it figured out on how to get it working after a restart. It's a royal pain in the ass but a necessary evil.

I have added 2 tables to bring my total to 6 now for NL50 5max and I have identified a couple glaring leaks that I have worked on over the past few thousand hands.

Redline (Won $ Without Showdown) - This is the new stat that everyone is talking about. I have always maintained a good win rate without worrying about or measuring this stat. I am now making a conscious effort to get my redline to a break even state by firing at more orphaned pots and trying to take down 3 bet pots more often on the flop. I will post a graph at the bottom and compare my last 5,500 hands to my first 10,000 hands so you can see the difference it can make. I think this has saved me at least 1 - 2 BB/100 over the last 5k hands.

My other leak is that I am not 3 betting enough either in position or oop. I find that it doesn't make a big difference at NL50 but it will as opponents get tougher and will have the ability to narrow my range when I do 3 bet and I will not get paid off. I am going to experiment with 3 betting more over the next 5,000 hands and see if it suits my style. I think with proper implementation this will add 1 BB/100 to my winrate.

Here is the graph of my last 5,500 hands since the move to NL50:

Here is the graph of my first 10,00 hands at NL20:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NL50 5 Max Update

I have now completed about 3,500 hands of NL50 since my last update and I am running in absolute god mode. I started off by dropping 4 Buy Ins in my first 500 hands of making the switch to NL50. I almost dropped back down to NL20, I was one (1) buy in away from my stop loss number to move back down.

The players at NL50 are just a bit better than NL20 with a one less complete donk per table. There are more regulars that you can just beat up on in position but out of position its best to stay away. I am trying to hammer on the mid stacks as much as possible and by doing so making their lives miserable so they do something stupid and play back at me when I have a hand. I now realize why short handed is so profitable, you really can force your opponents to make huge mistakes if you keep the pressure on long enough,

I'm still due for a gigantic doomswitch very soon but its fun riding the wave of good fortune while it lasts.

Adjustments that I have made moving up:

1.) Tightened up from the SB.
2.) Stealing slightly more from the button.
3.) Stabbing at slightly more orphaned pots to get my W$WSF % up.
4.) I am folding my SB / BB to a steal slightly more so I am not defending out of position. This is will be more key as I move up. I only want to play pots in position.
5.) Only playing 4 tables so that I can better adjust and react to my tables.

My turn aggression factor is up quite a bit but I think that is due to the cards I am getting and all the made hands I'm value betting.

Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet, Value Bet is the name of the game at these small stakes.

I will continue playing another 6,500 hands and then hopefully take a shot at NL100 if all goes well. Ill try to update on my pending doomswitch shortly.

Hands since I started Short Handed, I moved up around hand 10k:

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

NLHE Shorthanded 5 Max

It been a while since I have actually played poker so I figure why not update the old blog. I have given myself a challenge of learning short handed NLHE. I almost exclusively played Full Ring over the last 4 years and I always wanted to play SH but wasn't able to open up my game enough while I was learning.

So my challenge was to play 10k hands at bwin's 5 max tables before moving up. I deposited $400 for this and I said I will only move up to NL50 if I show a profit and have a decent understanding of the short handed game. I also cleared a PSO promo for $150 and am almost 35% done a 8x Ongame bonus of $250.

Here is a graph of my last 10k hands. I was 6-7 tabling for the most part and the downswing at the end was in about 1 hour of playing just before I typed this.

Things have gone relatively well, the play is pretty atrocious at these limits so its not saying much that I actually beat the games. I ran at 6.25 PTBB/100 and they say anything over 5 is good enough to move on so I think I will.

I will play another 10k hands at NL50 before the end of December and then reevaluate in the new year. If I go on anymore than a 5-6 BI down swing I will probably move back down and reevaluate. I made about five NL50 BI's in profit so I will let it ride so to speak.

I will also invest in Poker Tracker 3 or Holdem Manager as soon as they are more stable with Ongame's software. I haven't been using a HUD but I think I will need one since I plan on playing 6 tables at a time. I have been using a Bet Pot script as well over the past 10k hands and it makes things a lot easier to multi-table as it saves me 1 sec every action almost.