Sunday, January 04, 2009

F 2009

I will post my goals when I am less tilted. I am starting off 2009 just as I did 2008 with a huge downswong. I just need one hand to hold up to get my confidence back but it has yet to happen. I am down 10 BI's and this is officially the biggest BI downswing I have taken. I'm on pace to wipe out Decembers gains very quickly if I do not turn this around quick. I think I am going to drop down to regain some of my confidence and bankroll. Of the 10 BI's I am down my EV should only make me 4 BIs down...variance is a bitch. The big dive near the end is getting AA 2 of 3 hands at the same table and getting crushed by a Flush Draw then a set.

EDIT: my tracker is missing another $100 make that 7/12 BIs below expectation. weeeeeee


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