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NYE Live Poker

Now that I am married New Years Eve has definitely lost its luster to go to the bars, fight the crowds and pay a ridiculous amount on a normally just "ok" time out at the bar. So this year my wife and I decided to order Chinese food in and head to the local casino with her parents. I immediately put my name on the list for 1/2 NL and it took about an hour for my name to get called which was good considering how busy it seemed.

I was at a fresh table that just formed out of the waiting list and it was filled with mostly older people and me and a crazy asian were the only two younger player which I always like. The guy on my left was talking startegy to his buddy and it was pretty lol at some points. I think he mentioned twice folding mid pocket pairs to a single raise preflop after limping because 77 doesn't connect with many flops (I think he limped for $2 and folded for $10 more with 4 callers). As always at live tables there are a lot of raised multiway pots. I knew I had a great table when the third hand in went (3 players in the action) limp, raise, reraise, call, reraise AI, Call, Call. I love that the limper was willing to get it all in and the original reraiser hit his set of aces and the other 2 mucked, one of them being the crazy asian, I wish I could of seen there cards.

To the hands I played:

A7s - Limped in and saw a flop of 8s7x4s...I bet flop and got 2 callers, 2x turn, bet and only one caller and Ax River and I bet and didn't get called by the guys FD. I wish we hit the flush as I would of taken his stack for sure.

ATs - I raised in MP got a couple callers and a flop of Td8d2d and I bet out getting one caller, Ad on the turn putting 4 diamonds out on the board and I get lead into for $20 ($40ish pot) and I call. I was really worried obviously about losing to a diamond but I wanted to stack him if I happened to hit my boat. I think my call is wrong but not too worried about it at this table. River is a blank and he checks to me and I tank for a bit not having the balls in the end to fire and represent a high Diamond thinking he has a medium diamond like the J/T that he would snap me off with and we end up splitting the pot.

J8s - OTB - 4 Limpers by the time it gets to me and I pop it to $12 and get 3 callers. The all insta check the 7 3 4 rainbow flop to me so I fire $25 and they all fold. The guy next to me asks if I had JJ+ so I showed him just to mess with his mind which did work.

JTs - LP - EP raise by the crazy asian with 2 callers by the time it gets to me so I call in position and its 5 to the flop. Flop is JsJx9s with a potential flush and straight draw. BB Checks, Crazy Asian bets $25, fold, call, and I jack it to $117 total AI. I was scared of the call, I knew the only hand that could call the CB of the Crazy Asian on that board was a Draw of some sort and I didn't want to risk playing it fancy and seeing a terrible turn. I knew the Crazy asian who was into his 3rd bullet could make the call with his OP if he had one which I think he did. He tanked for a long time before folding and the caller folded even though he only had $40 behind or so. If the caller isn't there I think I stack the Crazy Asian by making a smaller bet and milking him in but I was happy to take the large pot without a showdown in the end.

J9s - MP - Limped in - Made a terrible call down after checking a J52 flop and it getting check around to see another 5 and a $10 bet from the button. I called the turn bet and then called his river value bet for $20 and he flipped A5. I thought he tried to steal on the turn when it got checked to him twice since he was on the button so I don't mind my call on the turn but I should of folded the river because I don't beat much. Next time I will fire the flop and see how it goes from there.

I only got to play for 1:15 so I was happy with my results of +$109. The game was 1/2 NL with a $100 max buy in and $100 CAP on betting. If I raised $100 and got reraised to $200 I could still reraise to $300 but the game would have to be very deep since the BI is only $100. It was a weird set up.

Happy New Year! I'll be back with a post on my 2009 Goals shortly.


Blogger Guin said...

Funny how live poker gives you such emotional highs from just needing to count chips etc.

I do find that since we can beat low levels online that we usually make okay cash at 1/2 nl games in casinos. I hate the 100 max buy in rule as I think it is there to make the game more of a gamble so they get max rake per hand.

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