Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank God for Rakeback

Where do I start? I had my ass handed to me in January at the poker tables and in life. At the poker tables I experienced my worst downswing in over four years of playing poker. In life it was one random bad luck thing happening after another. We had a pipe burst since it was so damn cold over a stretch of a few days that a pipe froze and burst by the time we warmed it back up. lol plumberbillaments.

I am just getting back into poker since I just received my last rakeback payment which made up for some of my losses at the table. I really can't say enough about playing with rakeback, it definitely makes up for your downswings when you add rakeback + bonuses together at the end of the month. is still going strong, we are in need of updating some of the reviews so that we stay current but that shouldn't be an issue over the coming months. We are also going to add a free poker training promotion that includes more poker training sites other than Cardrunners through Full Tilt poker that we currently offer. So check back soon!


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