Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just wanted to make a fresh post on this blog to keep away the cobwebs.

Not too much new is going on in the poker world for me. I have started to fit in some SNGs into my schedule when I have time to play in between taking care of my baby, working full time, part time website work (PokerTrainingGuide + many others) and sleeping/eating. Life has been very busy but in a good way.

I have been getting the itch to play super turbo SNGs, they are like crack and I love the quick rush. I have been crushing the busto stakes which feels kinda funny. My hourly rate is terrible even when I crush but I guess I enjoy playing them for the love of the game. It's not really about the money anymore when I fire up some tables.

For my 10 readers out there if anyone has a neglected poker blog please let me know as I need to build some links to sites I own. I can buy them off you for a fair price. Or if you would like to help me out I can tell you a link to put on your blogroll.

I will try to play more poker so I have something to write about but it probably won't be anytime soon. Maybe I should just start posting on the business of poker as it's a lot more interesting than playing these days.