Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a Rush!

Full Tilt Rush poker is a game changing version of online poker! Full Tilt launched it last night and wow was it fun. It basically acts as a multi-table experience but you only play one table.

You play 300 hands per hour by switching tables every time you fold a hand. The only caveat is that you play against a random set of opponents that you have no reads on or time to even look at a HUD to make a decision.

The good thing is you can play as tight as you want and no one will notice. I used the opportunity to 3 bet a lot as no one can really pick up on it because you don't even have time to make notes.

The games are juicy so jump on in before its a complete nit fest and a bunch of short stacks. I was able to play 3 tables at a time so in theory get in about 900 hands per hour. I was not able to type on MSN or even look away from the tables while I played. What I love about this is I can jump into cash games and play some meaningful hands in the 20 odd mins I have free in a night.

Full Tilt Rush poker was a good enough experience to get me out of retirement for a while!

Let me know your thoughts.


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