Monday, December 06, 2010

On Demand Tournaments

Full Tilt on demand tournaments just came out and although it's not going to be as huge as Rush poker it shows how FTP is willing to innovate on not allowing players to wait to play their favourite SNG's.

Full Tilt On Demand Tournaments give SNG players the ability to register late for SNG poker tournaments up to the specified time frame. Usually 3 levels. This will lead to bigger prize pools so I think its a great way to add value to SNG players.

I just also noticed that their are Rush Poker on Demand tournaments in the lobby. These will truly be the poker players drug of choice. Instant rush SNG's with out having to wait for the Tournament to fill up and not have to wait for hands to appear. Instant 24/7 on demand crack! Full Tilt Poker is starting to dominate the innovation game. Other poker sites should keep an eye on what they are brewing up!


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