Friday, March 11, 2011

PocketFives Training

The community that brought online tournament poker player rankings pocketfives is now starting PocketFives Training.

I am connected with the management team behind P5s and I am involved in the poker training game so I say the following with great authority:

This is a huge game changer for the PocketFives community and the training arean in general.

P5's Training is taking over the hugely successful PokerPwnage brand and will put their own upgrades on the site, such as better community functions, better search functionality, and the most important part new pros. PocketFives has access to a ton of top pros and making good content to keep players coming back will be easy.

The new training site will still not go head to head with the likes of Cardrunners but it will solidify their position at the top of the MTT poker training market by a VERY large margin going forward. I am looking forward to seeing the integration fully implemented and doing a thorough review for Poker Training Guide. I just hope they managed to sign Isuldur to a poker training contract!


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